December 16, 2021
jeg empty 10 - 12 Essentials of Men’s Wardrobe

Thinking of building your wardrobe. It can be a bit tricky. Men’s wardrobe can be stylish and practical. It can be casual and formal. And it can be extravagant and minimal. A men’s wardrobe can include a combination of apparels and accessories.

So before you make any serious efforts to build your wardrobe, let us guide you with some information about the clothing pieces you will need in this process:

1.A Pair of Indigo Jeans

Jeans is a fundamental piece of men’s clothing. We can’t imagine our weekend without a pair of jeans. Apart from looking stylish and chic, it is a practical clothing to wear during the day when you are outdoors for most of the time. Besides, it is sturdy clothing which provides a strong shield against harsh weather.

Besides, a pair of jeans is an item of versatile men’s clothing that looks fantastic on a variety of upper-body apparels. You can wear a pair of jeans with a blazer for a party look or dress down with a tee with custom patches during the casual Fridays. Wear it with any of these top wears and you will rock in any look.

2.A Button-Down Shirt

No man’s wardrobe can be complete without a button-down shirt. It is a perfect shirt to complement any pant for any event. A button-down shirt looks equally elegant with a suit as well as a pair of chinos. So you can switch between a formal and casual look during a day. It can be worn with and without a tie to match the vibe of an occasion.

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3.A Pair of Chinos

Chinos made their way to men’s wardrobe from the military during the twentieth century, and they are still a hot asset in the closet of the boys. Made from twill, the chinos can be an effective piece of clothing during the hot summer. They can be paired with a tee for a casual feel or worn over a blazer to sport a classy look. Whatever you are feeling like in a particular day, a chino will never turn you off.

4.A Denim Jacket

Denim is masculine clothing in character. The overall design of this jacket makes it an excellent men’s wear for all season. It comes in a range of colors and custom iron on patches, but the indigo always stands out and make a strong style statement. A denim jacket is the best piece of clothing for a street look, and you can even don it over a tee or shirt for layering.

5.A Navy Blue Suit

There can’t be a more fitting formal outfit for the men than a classic navy blue suit. A three-piece navy blue suit adds an element of sophistication and makes you stand out in a formal gathering. If you love the checks, the choices can be many. But my personal favorite is the plaid three-piece suite which works both in a semi-formal and formal occasion.

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6.A Pair of Toe-Cap Shoes

The idea of traditional formal suiting can’t be complete without a pair of toe-cap shoes. A pair of toe-cap shoes blend with a formal suit to give an aura of elegance to your look. Made from leather, they are commonly available in black and brown colors. They look exquisite with a three-piece suit and can be worn over a tux.

7.A Bomber Jacket

Whether you want to sport a casual look or make a fashion statement for party wear, a bomber jacket with your custom name patches will be your safe bet for layering. The good thing about this outerwear is that it is equally practical for all the seasons. It is sufficiently insulated to protect you from cold, and it is breathable enough to give you ample supply of air during the summer. Wear it any time of the day, and you will look equally stylish and chic.

8.A Trench Coat

We are thankful to Burberry to give us this iconic staple of men’s clothing. Made from gabardine, it is an excellent investment for layering during the chilly winter season. A trench coat can be your shield during heavy snow and sleet and keeps you from getting wet in the outdoors and makes you look elegant at the same time. You can even put it over a suit for a business meeting or a formal dinner.

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9.A Pair of Brown Suede Boot

A perfect answer to the formal toe-cap shoe, a pair of the brown suede boot gives you the just right look for casual wear. You can don it on a variety of casual apparels. But it is the best buddy to a pair of denim jeans and a sweatshirt. You can wear it at any time of the day, and you will not feel a misfit.

10.A Sweatshirt

Russell Athletic created the first sweatshirt. Earlier, it served as street wear that uses the one-liners and custom embroidered patches, but later Champion made it a style statement with its hoodies. Since then, it emerged as a new style in men’s clothing that is both chic and functional.

Together with a pair of jeans, it became a staple clothing piece in men’s wardrobe that keeps you warm and cozy during the winter. Wear it with a brown suede to create that rugged look of streetwear.

11.A Fedora Hat

Men have a fondness for hats. But the fedora hat is the classiest hat for men. It has a resemblance with other similar hats, but no one can match the understated look of a fedora. Perhaps it is the pinch on the top that gives an edge to this stylish hat.

A fedora is your best companion during the sunny days and keeps your face protected from the harsh sunlight. So when the afternoon strikes you with hot sunrays, you can don a fedora and stay safe.

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12.A Blazer Jacket

A blazer jacket is an elegant coat that you can pair with a shirt, t-shirt, or a turtle neck. It works with jeans and chinos. It comes to your rescue during the winter season when it becomes difficult to travel in the cold breeze.

A blazer can be worn with a pair of trousers regardless of its colors. But if you are particular about color contrasting, then navy blue, grey and black are always the safest bet.

Building a wardrobe requires the right information about style and an investment of money. We’ve done the first job and leave the second to you. Best of luck!

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