November 17, 2022

A booklet is a thin book containing only a few pages and a paper cover, whose primary purpose is to provide information on a specific subject, ranging from a product marketing tool or plan, a report, a school guide, an event guide, or even a project.

Generally, booklets are smaller than books in dimensions and have at most 48 pages. They serve many purposes, leading many to search for easy ways to make booklets without breaking the bank. We will be discussing how to do this.

Booklets and Long-Reach Staplers

Over time, booklets have become a lot more popular because of their wide range of uses, creating a need for machines that can automatically or manually produce a booklet from standard office paper.

These machines are called booklet makers and are costly to purchase, but they most certainly serve their purpose and also save a lot of time for people who intend to make many booklets.

Some sets of people need a couple of booklets for a small gathering or meeting. It could even be for an indoor family occasion. Of course, you won’t need to buy a large and expensive machine just because of a single need. Hence, the DIY method of making booklets with the help of only a long-reach stapler.

A Long-Reach Stapler is a lot like your regular stapler; the only difference is the Long Reach Stapler has a longer body that can reach up to 12 inches. With this type of stapler, you can fold a 24-inch paper in half to make a booklet.

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Many DIY instructions online teach you how to make booklets with two different staplers. Reading on, you will learn how to make your booklets with printer paper and a single long-reach stapler.

Step By Step Guide On How To Make Your Booklet With A Long Reach Stapler

Step 1: Gather your materials.

  • Papers: To create a booklet, you would need office printing papers depending on the number of pages you want your booklet to be.
  • Long Reach Staplers: Of course, this is what you’ll need to staple and make the pieces of paper into a booklet. You’ll need staple pins too.
  • A Cardstock paper to use for the cover.
  • A ruler (if it doesn’t come with the stapler)


Step 2: Staple your paper

  • You need to set your stapler for half the length of the paper you’re stapling. For instance, if the total length of your paper is 10 inches, you’ll set the stapler to 5 inches.
  • Some long-reach staplers can staple up to 20 sheets at once, so get the suitable stapler to accommodate your needs.
  • Staple your booklets through the cover in a straight line, as it would allow the exposed ends of the pins to be inside the booklet and give your booklet a uniform look.
  • You might need more than one staple, depending on the thickness of the booklet you’re creating.
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Step 3: The last step is to fold your booklet along the line of the staples.

If you want to make your simple booklet at home, follow the steps above. Note that it is especially suitable for blank office paper or already printed paper. For the latter, you must ensure that you arrange the documents correctly to get a good finish.

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