November 30, 2021
jeg empty 28 - 5 Innovative Ways to make money from Home with affordable SeekaHost Web Hosting

If you are familiar with that sinking feeling when the end of the month approaches and your wallet looks empty, then you are probably looking for different ways to add a bit more cash to it.

Irrespective of your background, age or personal situation, the internet offers unique ways in which people can now earn an income. Web hosting is the only way for anyone to access the internet via a website or app, hence why it is a valuable prerequisite for building money-making opportunities online.

Do you want to know how to make easy money with Web Hosting?

Then read on and we promise you won’t be disappointed.

5 Best Ways to make easy Money with Web Hosting

1.      Earn through Online Retailer Amazon

The first step to earn with online retailer Amazon is to set up a website or blog and for this you need to register a domain and host it with web hosting. There are multiple web hosting options out there, however, we’d recommend using WordPress as your content management system, as it is used by almost 40% of webmasters in the world and is regarded the best.

For WordPress there is specific WordPress Hosting available from different web hosts. You can compare a few deals and see which one is most suitable for your requirements, but to start with at the most affordable rate we recommend the cheap SeekaHost WordPress hosting starting from just $1 per website.

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Once you’ve set up your eCommerce site or blog, you can begin to refer and recommend products that are sold on Amazon. You basically act as a personal shopping advisor and tailor your content to your niche audience.

Say your blog is about jewellery, then you can share selected jewellery pieces that are sold on Amazon via your blog. If you sign up as an Amazon affiliate, you can generate affiliate codes for each product link you add to your website and you are paid a percentage of the sales that are made via your affiliate product link.

And if you’re super smart and inventive, you can even sell your own jewellery items on Amazon marketplace and promote these via your blog too.

To begin to earn through Amazon affiliate marketing you will need to attract a few thousand visitors to your blog monthly, so get your SEO and marketing game on while you’re at it.

2.      Offer Translation Services

Do you speak popular languages like Mandarin or Spanish?

Do you enjoy writing, transcribing, and translating?

Then you are perfectly suited for becoming a translator.

Many businesses such as law firms, embassies and government bodies regularly look for translation services and with a basic online portfolio through your website, you can attract such enquiries by establishing yourself as a professional translator that is highly sought-after.

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Many believe that Google Translate can do it all, however, we know this technology still requires a lot of refinement until it can produce premium translations that a human can produce.

The beauty of offering freelancing translation services is that you are flexible to take on as many or few projects as you want. Meaning, you can do this even part-time while you’re parenting at home or while you’re working in another job.

WordPress offers easy-to-use portfolio templates that help you to quickly set up your translator website with WordPress hosting for example.

3.      Teach something you love

Are you good at Math or IT? Or perhaps science is your passion?

Tutoring is a really lucrativefield and with the internet it is now available to everyone via their computer. Tutoring services can provided at all levels, from helping a child learn the basics of biology to providing A-level assistance in physics, or accountancy, or coding.

Because most schools are struggling to provide tailor-made education, one-on-one tutoring is the best way to get ahead in a competitive world for many.

Private tutoring is an established education method in Asia, the US as well as Europe including the UK. So, you can easily set up a basic blog or website where you share your knowledge in your field of expertise and promote yourself as an excellent private tutor.

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Private tuition can be in person, via different platforms such as Zoom, or in the form of a hybrid model. Whatever you go for, make sure people find you via your own website as many directories or tutoring websites charge fees and can remove your profile and account at any time. With SeekaHost WP hosting for just $1 per month and perhaps a few dollars a week for Google Ads placements, you’ll be able to monetize your website while growing it, making your brand known.

4.      Become a Fashion Advisor

A fashion advisor is responsible for transforming the way someone looks, dresses and styles. It might be for certain events or TV but more often it is for photoshoots or simply for a makeover.

If you have a good sense of aesthetics, flip through the latest edition of Cosmopolitan every month and know your fashion designer brands that are trending, but also familiarize yourself with high-street fashion retailers to cater to customers from all walks of life.

Also, you do not need to restrict yourself to fashion but also moonlight as a hairstylist or makeup advisor and focus on everything to do with beauty and lifestyle.

You can easily set up your advisor web presence with cheap WP web hosting and a domain name that represents your brand best. Via your website, you can publish fashion trend recommendations for different types of people and styles and add product links to your affiliate partner stores.

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You can offer people to book online consultations with you via your website and earn that way too.

There is no need for a license, but you might need a trade permit if you are using your home as a business space.

5.      Make money with a Game Server

Do you want to earn a bit with fun gaming?

If you are into video games like Fortnite or Minecraft, then you can host a game server. Yes, you heard right. Apart from hosting websites, one can also host video games on a server.

And it’s almost as affordable as hosting a website with low-cost Minecraft Server Hosting by SeekaHost starting from just $2.

You can learn how to set up a game server with various tutorials, but it’s not difficult and in no time can you invite other players to your server and either charge a fee to join or monetize your server through in-game advertisements, sponsorships, and affiliate marketing.

To establish yourself as a game server host, you can build a YouTube channel as a gamer or build your own gaming website or blog to share your knowledge and expertise. These will in turn again offer monetization opportunities, so you can make the most of your efforts in the virtual world.

With these easily accessible five ways to make money online you can start making extra cash. None of the jobs we have listed above require you to have a license or formal degree and most are great as part-time jobs because you are your own boss and choose the time when you wish to work.

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Many lead to a lot of further career opportunities and an additional income to pay the bills, if you manage to utilize the website or web presence or server as best as possible and attract a minimum of over a thousand visitors per month and more ideally. The more the better for your income.

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