August 31, 2021

Nowadays, owning a private vehicle is not anymore just a luxurious want. Truth be told, it has become a major necessity. Transportation is much easier and more convenient when you ride or drive your own car. Although you’re not exempted from the stresses of heavy traffic, still, there’s no need to experience the hassles of commuting. To boost, having a private car is more comfortable and safer for yourself and for your loved ones than not.

What’s interesting is that your owned vehicle can benefit you more than you think it could! Yes, it can do more than the above-mentioned boons. Actually, you can start up a full-time business or a side project through it. Regardless of whether you are working under a company, are self-employed or are temporarily jobless right now, as long as you have a private vehicle, you can make money while helping other people. That’s true! If you want to know how, then keep reading!  

Here are 5 smart ways to earn money using your private vehicle! 


private vehicle for courier services

One of the leading services today are courier services. If you register your private car to be a courier vehicle, you are off to one of the most popular jobs (and side jobs) in this day and age. The nicest part is that your car doesn’t always have to be a truck or a van to qualify. As long as it is spacious enough and in its high-functioning condition, it has the chance to be accepted for courier services. On the other hand, you may start your own courier service and collaborate with businesses that need delivery services.

As a courier vehicle, your car will be used to safely collect and transport packages from and to different locations and customers within specific time periods. Professional packaging and guaranteed safe transportation must be your priority as a car owner and as a driver. 


private vehicle for school service

Aside from transporting items from one place to another, you may pick up and drop off people too. If you have a background or have a current experience in child care (particularly if you’re a parent or babysitter), using your car as a school service vehicle is a great idea. 

To encourage busy parents, who are strangers to you as you are to them, to entrust their kids to your driving abilities and to your care, make sure you have a professional driver’s license. Acquiring a permit from your local government, wherever and whenever necessary and possible, will help big time. This is crucial because parents will never allow their children to be picked up from home, driven to school and back home by anyone without clear credibility. No matter how high the quality of your vehicle is, your most important proof of legitimacy and trustworthiness towards stranger parents are your certified driver documents.    

On another note, if you have friends or relatives who are working parents, who are experiencing hassles from taking their kiddos to and from school, you can have an easier time convincing them to hire you as a school service. Well, unfortunately, some might complain that you can just drive their lassies for free since you’re friends or family. If that happens, just let them know that you’re starting a school service business, so you need their support in terms of finances. Speak kindly, and nothing will be a problem with understanding people!    


private vehicle for moving

Some people are having a hard time because of the troubles of moving. It could be moving out and into a new house or into a new office; nevertheless, moving is generally complex. Anyone moving absolutely needs a helping hand, and you can be the one lending it!  

An ideal option for those with large vehicles is to offer a moving service. Yes, your car is required to be big and spacious enough to carry huge house equipment, furniture and appliances to fit in it. Just be very careful when putting big and heavy items in and out of your vehicle, so you can keep your vehicle undamaged. 

Also take note that if you’re using your private vehicle for moving services, you will need to drive or have your car driven within a certain distance for a lot of times. For every client, it’s not just a one-way service but it’s back-and-forth until all the things are moved out and into a new location. This is why it’s important to specify the area that your moving business can cater to. Preferably, if you want more convenience for yourself and lessened fuel expenses, open it only within your area or nearby areas. 


mobile billboard
Photo credit: Mobile Media INC

Although this is not so common in most countries, a mobile billboard service is a unique way to earn money using your private car. Basically, mobile billboards are billboards stationed on a vehicle, and it goes anywhere to reach and engage the public, especially the target audience of the mobile billboard’s content. 

For this pursuit, you will need to look for businesses needing such marketing efforts. Usually, startups need this. Because a newly opened coffee shop is still unfamiliar to the residents living around it, a mobile billboard service can help boost their brand awareness, thus attracting customers. It’s a piece of cake for you because you’ll just have to drive your car and stay inside of it, while it hopefully catches passersby’s attention. 

5 – CAR RENTAL SERVICEcar rental

Last but not the least, if you don’t want to be the driver yourself, you can do a car rental service. This is when you lend your car for others to use but with a fee. The most essential thing to have first is trust and confidence that the people who will rent your car can take care of it and drive it safely. 

You want your vehicle to return complete and well to you, so doing this business might be a hard decision to make. Nonetheless, if you really want to, then just be very mindful and meticulous about creating instructions for every rentee. Scrutinize the drivers who will use it to make sure that they really can drive your vehicle without issue. Never hope to be able to use it, but see to it that you have vehicle insurance as well. 


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Private vehicles are among the most expensive assets in terms of purchase and continuous maintenance. If you’re an owner, you know how weighty the costs are, but thankfully, there are clever and decent ways to gain money using your private car. There are businesses you may launch to help yourself and others. 

At the same time, you can reduce the expenses with tax depreciation benefits. When you use your private car for business aims, there are tax deductions you will be entitled to. That is especially if you’re using it under another company, but even your self-employed business is eligible as long as it fits the requirements. 

Terrific indeed are the profitable opportunities that await when you’re ready to utilize your private vehicle for business. When you know what to do and how to do it, you are not far from succeeding. But of course, before anything else, ensure that your car or motorcycle must be in perfect working condition. That is to keep you safe, your customers secure, and your products and services sound.



Nicole Ann Pore is a writer, an events host and a voice over artist. Quality and well-researched writing is her worthwhile avenue to enlighten and delight others about things that matter. Nicole is a daytime writer for Depreciator, an Australian-based company specializing in tax depreciation schedules. Nicole graduated Cum Laude from De La Salle University Manila, Philippines with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Arts.

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