August 26, 2021
certification questions practice tests 1 - 5 Tips To Help You Pass Your CEH EXAM Sucessfully The First Time


CEH exam questions

With digitalization becoming the buzzword, companies recognize the need to reinforce security and protect themselves from malicious hackers. In fact, it has been recognized that modern warfare is unlikely to involve guns and missiles – it’s about protecting and securing your data to prevent cybercriminals from gatecrashing your systems.

No wonder CEH professionals are among some of the most well-paid professionals in the world. They are trained to think like a hacker and stay ahead of the game to predict and prevent future attacks. A CEH professional earns anywhere from around $50,000 to $100,000 and beyond. If you are looking to pass CEH exam on the first try, read on:

1. Gather Your Resources:

There are hundreds of free resources on the internet. For instance, the official EC Council website offers plenty of study material you can download. It covers various subjects, including in-depth information about various topics, exam details, eligibility criteria for the test, practice tests, and more. The Blueprint and Handbook are two such official resources that can be downloaded for free. These materials cover information about the subject and discuss different hacking techniques, giving you enough confidence to tackle some of the questions that could be asked during the test. While these resources provide you with plenty of information about what to expect at the test, they are not enough if you are planning to pass the exam on the first try.

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2. Prepare A Checklist Of Information:

The entry-level CEH certification test involves over 125 multiple choice questions and covers around 19 different topics like trojans, backdoors, viruses, worms, penetration testing, server hacking, etc. You will also be asked to answer about the basics of ethical hacking, regulations and policy matters regarding ethical hacking, etc.

The actual score required to pass the test depends on the exam. Sometimes, the exact passing score percentage is mentioned, while sometimes passing scores depend on the knowledge and skills necessary to show that you are competent enough in a subject. Make a list of all the subjects that you have to cover. The best thing to cover all the topics without getting overwhelmed is to break them into a list. Tick the list as and when you finish them to know where you are – and make sure there’s a deadline for each of the items mentioned on the list.

3. Join A Study Group:

There are hundreds of study groups on Reddit and tech forums, made of either preparing for the exam or having cleared the test successfully. Joining these groups helps you understand the best practices, time-management tricks and is very useful when handling tough questions. Similarly, people who’ve successfully passed the test share their experience and their study techniques to help you.

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4. Practice What You Learn:

Whether you’re learning a new skill, language, or subject, practice is essential to improve learning. By repeatedly doing an activity, you become so good at it that you can do it unconsciously. Practicing is also necessary to improve efficiency and focus.

A surefire way to pass your CEH exam on the first try is to attempt as many CEH exam questions as you can. By doing so, you can assess what topics you need to work on and what topics you can be confident in. Since the tests are multiple-choice, practice tests can also help improve critical thinking skills.

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