March 2, 2022
jeg empty 2 - 5 Tools To Improve Productivity At The Workplace

No matter what kind of work you do, there are always days when you’re just not able to give your hundred per cent.

Even though you work your head off and try every single strategy out there, at the end of the day, you feel extremely unproductive. Studies say that the average worker in their workplace is productive for less than 3 hours!

So if you need tips on how to boost up the needle on your productivity meter, our article is here to help you out! Here are five important tools to improve work in your office.

1. ProofHub

This is an ideal tool for project management. When you’re in charge of a project, it’s natural to feel overwhelmed or confused. But ProofHub makes your work so much simpler.

This is a task management software that keeps all your data organized, allows you to communicate with your teammates efficiently, and helps you to stay up-to-date. Just one software will effortlessly manage your work for you and ensure that your projects are a big hit.

Using ProofHub, you can assign specific tasks to people, upload documents or files for your team members to see and use, and check the time you spend on each step of the project.

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2. Calendar

Sure, you might have a great calendar on your laptop, with dates and reminders written properly. But does juggling different appointments seem too tough? The calendar is here for you!

With Calendar, you can manage your time efficiently and keep track of all your appointments. It has created an AI-powered solution to automatically learn your daily schedules, keep track of various work, and update meetings or important events.

It can also sync across multiple calendar tools so that you don’t ever get confused while switching between different calendar apps. You can share calendars, invite or schedule meetings automatically, and look at your calendar analytics. Sounds amazing, right?

3. Evernote

For the ideal note-making app, Evernote is one of the best options out there. It’s just like a second brain that helps you remember anything and everything you might need in your office.

With Evernote, you can easily make notes and keep necessary records neatly. You can even add attachments like documents or audio files to make things easier and scan for information from various business cards.

Forget about heavy notebooks or memo pads- Evernote’s one-stop solution to improve workplace productivity will definitely earn you a lot of praise from your boss!

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4. LambaTest

If your office work involves studying other websites or is related to IT, you’ll have to capture website screenshots quite frequently. One of the best software to take full-length website screenshots is LambdaTest.

It is also a cross-browser testing tool that lets you cross-browser on more than 2000 real browsing platforms or operating systems. You can even take full-length screenshots across multiple websites, operating systems, or resolutions in just a single click.

While other software or websites let you take screenshots of only one page at a time, LambdaTest can enable you to capture screenshots from many browsers at once.

5. Email Finder

If you are involved in email marketing, chances are you must be frequently losing track of emails or senders. This can not only take a lot of time to find the right mail but also hamper your productivity.

That is why Email Finder from Hunter is a lovely solution to email-related problems. It helps you to find email addresses within seconds. Simply add the first and last names of the person you’re looking for, along with the domain of the website.

Email Finder also comes with a Google Chrome extension so that you can find all the email addresses of a website in just a click or two. With access to nearly 66 million website resources and 25 free email searches a month, this Finder will surely make life much easier!

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Over to you…

If you want to rapidly increase productivity in the workplace and earn the trust and appreciation from your coworkers or superiors, these five tools will help you out immensely. They are also very user-friendly and cost little to nothing. So the next time you feel that you could do with a little boost, install these tools and start using them at once!

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