June 19, 2022

In the past few years, new and improved office furniture has been hitting the market hard. One of the most popular options is the stand up desk. With a stand-up desk, employees have the ability to either sit or stand throughout their work day, giving them more flexibility than sitting down for an entire shift. While sitting can help some people focus on tasks and reduce fatigue, standing increases productivity and decreases stress levels. Here are a few reasons why stand up desks are amazing:


  1. Improves posture

In 2009 a study examined the relationship between standing and sitting at work. Researchers found that people who stand the majority of their work day experience less back pain, arm pain and neck pain. There was also an increase in leg circulation. If you’re looking to improve your posture while working, you should try getting a stand-up desk, as many are built specifically to promote a healthy spine position during work hours.


  1. Reduces stress levels

Having the option to change positions throughout your workday is proven to reduce stress levels and increase alertness. The Mayo Clinic also has reported that sitting all day can be bad for your long-term health and can increase your risk for obesity, diabetes and cancer. Also, standing encourages blood flow to the muscles and decreases muscle soreness, which helps you keep focus during long work days.

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  1. Increases productivity

Many studies have shown that when individuals sit at work all day, their productivity goes down and they experience more stress. The ergonomics of a stand-up desk encourage individuals to move around throughout the day and stay alert. In addition to improving physical health, a good stand-up desk works in conjunction with other standing desks or anti-fatigue mats in order to create a more productive work environment overall.


  1. Helps prevent health issues

Standing is believed to promote better health than sitting, such as fewer headaches, ankle problems as well as lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels. It also decreases the risk of cancer, diabetes, obesity and cardiovascular disease. A stand-up desk is a great investment for employers who are looking to improve their employee’s health.


  1. Improves employee morale

Standing while working may appear to be difficult at first, but when employees make a change to the way they work, they tend to feel more confident and motivated. Stand-up desks are excellent investments for companies that are looking for ways to create a healthier workforce in an office setting.


  1. Promotes weight loss

Sitting all day at work doesn’t allow the body enough time to burn calories naturally; however, standing can increase the amount of energy burned throughout the day. Standing also increases circulation and blood flow, which can aid in weight loss measurements.

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  1. Improves mood

Researchers have found that sitting for long periods at work can cause a significant decline in mood scores and have an overall negative impact on productivity. Changing positions during the work day has been proven to decrease fatigue, increase alertness and improve moods of employees which makes the work environment happier overall. Working with a stand-up desk is a great way to improve concentration, lower stress levels and boost energy levels.


  1. Improves circulation

A standing desk can improve circulation by increasing blood flow to the legs, which are typically in a static position during work hours. The Mayo Clinic has also stated that when individuals have poor circulation, it is difficult to stay alert throughout the day. While sitting down, the body becomes prone to muscle soreness and fatigue which can lead to lack of focus.


  1. Offers more ergonomic options

Stand-up desks are often used in conjunction with other forms of desk and office chair. An adjustable chair height can help keep individuals comfortable while they work, while anti-fatigue mats allow the user to alternate between standing and sitting throughout their shift. With the ability to choose between sitting, standing or both, an employee can change their position depending on their tasks at hand.

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A stand-up desk is a great investment for most employers and employees. If you’re looking to create a healthier and more productive workforce, investing in one of these desks will benefit the employees while improving the health and well being of the entire office.



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