October 19, 2021

Did you know that DIY manicure kit sales have risen dramatically in the last year? Nail polish devotees have developed a can-do attitude for doing manicures at home and polish sales are soaring. But if you’re a manicure newbie, how do you know which kind of polish to choose?

Many people are turning to signature nail systems, otherwise known as SNS dipping powder. SNS powder nails seem to be all the rage, but what’s the big deal? Check out this guide for a quick look at what SNS dipping powder is all about.

What Is SNS Powder Polish?

First things first: what is SNS powder? It is a pigmented powder used for manicures with a clear sealant. Nails are dipped into the powder or brushed with the powder and then a protective clear coating is applied.

Choose Color and Nail Art Options

Like regular polish, SNS polish comes in a wide variety of colors. You can also have nail art done to create a unique look. But unlike gel manicures, you will not need to sit under a UV light to have your manicure set.

Can You Use Nail Extensions?

For people that don’t like to add polish to their natural nails, the good news is that you can use nail extensions with SNS polish. The extensions can be filed down to your favorite shape and then the color will be added.

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Get Odorless Manicures

One of the best reasons to consider choosing an SNS nail powder manicure is the lack of a strong acrylic odor that is usually associated with traditional nail polish. This makes getting dipping powder nails a great option for people who are sensitive to scents or have allergies.

Embrace Breathable Nail Polish

If you are looking for breathable nail polish that is halal, SNS powder nail polish could be for you. But despite the fact that is water-permeable, it won’t chip, flake, or peel because of that. It is still long-lasting as well for over a week.

Care For Your Nails

When you use any kind of polish or treatment on your nails, it is important to take good care of them afterward. Acetone and other nail polish removers can strip nails of their natural oils and make them brittle. To keep from getting dehydrated, apply cuticle oils and moisturizers that will keep them soft and supple.

Get the Perfect Manicure

Now that you’ve learned all about SNS powder manicures, you can decide if this remarkable polish is right for you. It offers all of the benefits and longevity of a traditional polish, but without the strong acrylic smell. And since this polish is water-permeable, it makes it a good option for people that need that quality in a polish.

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