August 25, 2021

With one festival after another, the festival season has officially begun. Raksha Bandhan is one of the most important festivals during the monsoon season, which is rapidly approaching. It’s also known as Rakhi, and it’s a festival honouring the unique bond that exists between brothers and sisters. Rakhi falls on August 22nd this year, and Hindu families will celebrate it with zeal and delight. Rakhi is a festival that honours the lifelong bond that exists between brothers and sisters. Sisters pray for their brothers’ well-being, and brothers promise to protect them from harm. Let’s celebrate with cakes and gifts.

The sisters wrap a colourful thread called ‘Rakhi’ around their brothers’ wrists as one of the key ceremonies on the festival day. She also gives a traditional Indian dish to her brother as a mark of their particular bond. On Rakhi, brothers are typically given Indian mithai such as laddoos or barfis. This year, why not try your hand at cooking some delicious Rakhi cakes?

Homemade cakes have a unique flavour that store-bought cakes can’t quite duplicate. The importance of sweets cannot be stressed at this occasion, which is why we’ve compiled a list of scrumptious cake recipes for you. These incredibly simple cake recipes include banana cake, coffee cake, atta cake, and even vanilla cake. These are easy to produce at home before Rakhi day for astonishment-inducing results that linger in the mouth for a long time. Some cake recipes are simple to make and can be made even by beginner bakers.


Sweet and luscious bananas are coupled with nutty walnuts. This is a quick and easy way to use up overripe bananas. Eggless banana cake is a simple eggless cake recipe that you can create for a special occasion or just to enjoy with your family over the weekend with a cup of tea.


With the chocolate ganache and delicate sponge, you’re in for a great treat. A truffle cake is always in style, and this version is eggless yet oh-so-delicious!


chocolate cakes

This sticky sweet is the best way to satisfy your chocolate cravings. This thick and dense cake has a gooey texture that you’ll love. This recipe for an egg-free soft and squidgy chocolate cake is perfect for a child’s birthday or any other special occasion. When it comes to fulfilment, nothing surpasses a homemade chocolate cake.


Make an eggless vanilla cake in a pressure cooker. What happens if you don’t have access to an oven? It’s not a problem at all! This cake is just as easy to make in a pressure cooker as it is in an oven. This eggless vanilla cake has a sweet buttery flavour and a light moist texture, making it ideal for any celebration! It’s simple, fuss-free, and takes less than an hour to prepare! Top it with buttercream icing for a rich treat. Moreover, you can order through online cake delivery in Delhi as well and make your family happier.


This unique French dessert is made with bitter chocolate, chestnuts, toasted fennel seeds, vanilla, and rum. A no-bake cake that can be made in under an hour and stored in the refrigerator overnight. The richness of melting chocolate perfectly balances the flavour of chestnuts.


Dates and almonds are excellent when served with a dollop of vanilla ice cream. Dates are high in protein, vitamins, and iron, and are considered nutrient-dense. A cake made fast and effortlessly with dates and no eggs is a certain way to enjoy a delectable treat without sacrificing your health. Don’t feel bad about devouring this delicious eggless cake!


When it comes to gluttony, cakes are about as good as it gets. It doesn’t get any better than this: layers upon layers of delicate, flaky base over superb buttercream frosting. Coconut cake is a lesser-known recipe that only a few people have tried. The flavour of this fascinating and inventive cake, on the other hand, will wow you! you can send cake online to your near and dear friends.


This wonderful cup of happiness is easy to make at home. You can prepare the best ever chocolate mug cake recipe in just a few minutes using only a few materials you’re likely to have on hand. In a large microwave-safe mug, combine all of the ingredients and bake.

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