August 23, 2021

“While the plant is growing, an enormous amount of electrical or vital energy is absorbed into the different parts of the plant. It is fi rst generated by the sun, diffused through the atmosphere, the water and the earth; and the plants select what they need to build acids, alkalines, phosphates, carbonates, chlorides, glycerides, oils, fats, waxes and so forth.

In this profoundly wonderful vegetable kingdom that covers the earth with beauty, perfume and fl avor, there is every conceivable requirement for every living creature, even to the breath of life. Plants arrange themselves into families, choose their own habitation and select their own food. Nature and Its Health

Pollution has already affected half of Britain’s trees. Visible symptoms like sparse foliage, broken tops, bare branches, or trees to which autumn seems to come early are the outward signs of complex internal problems. A survey done in 1991 showed that 56.7 percent of British trees had lost more than a quarter of their leaves. Britain ranks worst out of the whole of Europe: even heavily polluted Poland and the Czech Republic have relatively healthier trees. A combination of pollution and drought, with ensuing infestations of insects and fungi, seems to be the problem, resulting in the trees’ natural defense systems becoming weaker and weaker.

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Something that has increasingly struck me is that calcium-depleted soils produce sickly, weak trees that are prone to disease, while calciumrich soils produce the opposite. Trees fl ourish in mineral- and nutrientrich soils, the larger-leafed deciduous trees needing more nutrients than coniferous varieties. It is possible that we are in need of another ice age, in which the rocks and earth are moved and crushed to replenish nutrients the soil


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