December 16, 2021

Clothes are a basic necessity and you cannot survive without them at any point. Whether it is winter clothes or your summer dresses you certainly don’t want to leave them at any point. Especially when you are moving, you want your clothes to be packed at first. Though you could hire cross country movers who could help you but then if you are doing it yourself you need to be careful and necessitate all kinds of protection to make them reach the new place safely. Given below are more details about it.

Give away the clothes which you don’t need

You might be having a lot of clothes but it is not vital that you wear all of them. There would be some which are just there for the cupboard and you don’t even wear it once. So in that case, simply don’t pack every bit of clothes you have rather you should give away the ones you don’t need.  You can give for charity or maybe you could sell them off at second-hand stores. If they are in really bad shape then you should throw them away. With this practice, you could actually come up with limited clothes to be packed off.

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Sort out the clothes

It is important to understand that not all clothes are used for a specific reason and not all of them hold the same place in the lives of one individual. It is vital to sort out the clothes and categorize them by the kind of material, the season in which they are won, the pieces they are in and the person who wears them. Sorting the clothes would make things easy and you would easily organize everything. You would know which cloth is in which bag, where summer clothes are, which bag you should open when and which person should open up which bag for their things. So do go for categorization and make sure further you label the bags and cartons as that would make things easier for you.

Choosing the right packing method for the clothes

Once you are aware of the clothes and you have categorized them, now is the time to pack the ones which you are going to take along. It’s on you that how you plan to take along these items. Luckily, there are certain ways especially by depending on the type of clothes you are carrying you should pack it further.

  • Cardboard boxes:  For packing the folded clothing, they are the best means. These boxes are there in different sizes and as per your need, you can use them.
  • Wardrobe boxes: These are another kind of boxes which are specially used for packing clothes which are there in hangers. This is the best way to method to pack clothes and in this unpacking process can be done quickly and easily.
  • Suitcases and duffel bags: if you are looking for an alternative to cardboard boxes then making use of this suitcase and duffel bags is the best option. In this, you can easily pack folded clothes and shoes.
  • Vacuum bags: if you aim to condense clothing items, especially the bulky ones that are your jackets and winter coats then don’t worry, this packing means is the best one. You can use vacuum bags which helps to store things easily without any hassle.
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How to pack non-hanging clothes

Any kind of clothes which needs to be moved requires packing. If you are going for non-hanger methods then that means you need to fold them and pack. There are a number of folding methods that can be considered, but the mentioned below ones are the best and most appropriate methods to go for.

  • The flat fold method- This is the most suitable technique for the items which are bulky that is your jeans and sweaters. This method is mostly used by people to pack clothes in card boxes or vacuum bags. By this means the clothes are arranged properly.
  • The military roll method- This is a great way to pack things but this is the most suitable one for small or delicate items such as shirts and dresses. This method is basically used to pack clothes in suitcases or duffle bags. You can conveniently pack your things and experience a great time.

Thus these are the best ways by which you can go for the packing and moving of the clothes safely. Clothes are just like a treasure in which people usually invest a lot of money. So going for the safest methods to pack them and make them reach the new destination is vital. So make sure you adopt these ways and pack your things appropriately to experience a happy and an easy move.

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