August 29, 2021


TabTrader allows you to trade bitcoins on various exchanges directly from your smartphone. You may set up price alerts and keep a close eye on the markets. It also has comprehensive charting capabilities, comparable to Trading View charting, but with some additional features, such as the ability to see your closed orders. TabTrader began as a free app in 2015, but it is now ad-supported, and you must pay for the PRO membership to remove the advertisements.

While the creators’ intentions are reasonable, many customers did not like the change at the time, and there are currently a number of negative TabTrader user reviews on Google Play and the App Store. That had to have had an influence on TabTrader’s Bitcoin and crypto trading volumes at the time.

Crypto TabTrader

Good Crypto, TabTrader’s rival, may be an appealing choice for traders searching for technical trading capabilities like as Trailing Stop orders or Stop Loss and Take Profit combinations. But first, let’s take a look at TabTrader.

Process To Use TabTrader

1. Select the ‘+’ option from the Watchlist menu.

2. Next, choose the exchange where you wish to make your deal.

3. Finally, choose the Pair you wish to exchange.

4. This pair will now be put to your Watchlist, which I have done for ETH/BTC Binance.

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TabTrader Safety

There isn’t much information regarding TabTrader security on their website or in the app, but given that no significant hacks or other security risks have been reported in connection with TabTrader in its six years of existence, one may infer that TabTrader is safe.

TabTrader Use

Screen Trader is a famous bitcoin exchange aggregator programme that allows you to manage many cryptocurrency exchanges at once. Tab Trader allows you to trade crypto currencies across several exchanges from a single account.

Features Review

All of the functionality is available in the mobile app, allowing you to trade on various exchanges while managing all of your portfolios from a single dashboard. TabTrader allows you to place orders, respond to them, and keep track of specific currencies. The software is capable of monitoring exchange charts, allowing users to stop wasting time on them. Push notifications deliver all of the necessary information.

TabTrader does not have access to the wallets of its customers. It manages user accounts on exchanges with API keys. The app is really light. It responds swiftly and occupies only 9 MB of hard drive space. English, Spanish, Indonesian, Portuguese, Vietnamese, Russian, Arabic, Simplified and Traditional Chinese, and Hindi are among the ten languages supported by the interface.

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The user interface is simple and easy to use. Accounts, Watchlist, and Alerts are the three primary tabs at the bottom of the screen. Users may add accounts on crypto exchanges that they want to manage via the app on the Accounts page. To do so, use the +Account button and select the exchange from the drop-down menu. Some of the exchanges require registration before they may be included. Others can be included even if it isn’t required. Users should give API key, Secret key, and User ID when creating a new account. The Watchlist page displays personalized information from all connected accounts.

The exchanges are arranged by cryptocurrency pairings or vice versa in the Default section of the Watchlist tab (cryptocurrency pairs sorted by the exchanges). Users can customize the form in which the data is shown to make it more comfortable for them. The information can be displayed as a list or a set of boxes.

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