October 23, 2021
Devin Physique Net Worth

Devin Physique Net Worth:  Devin Physique is a professional bodybuilder who rose to attention through his use of the social media site Instagram. Devin has over 1.5 million followers on the site, and his online profile led to his sponsorship by SHREDZ in 2012. People began to admire him for his healthy lifestyle and stunning physique. He began sharing fitness techniques and advising others on how to live a healthy lifestyle. As of 2021, Devin Physique has an estimated net worth of $5 million.

Personality Name:Devin Physique
Full Name:Devin Zimmerman
Age:31 years old
Birth Date:13 June 1990
Birth Place:Chino Hills, California
Height:1.7 m
Weight:88 kg
Sexual Orientation:Straight
Marital Status:In a relationship
Profession:Fitness Influencer, Bodybuilder and social media personality.
Net Worth:$5 million

Devin Physique Early Life

Devin Physique was born Devin Zimmerman on June 13, 1990 in Chino Hills, California. His single mother reared his two younger sisters. Devin began bodybuilding when he was 19 years old after being scolded for his thinness. He weighed barely 52 kg in high school.

He previously had the option to attend the elite San Jose State University on full scholarship, but he preferred to continue with bodybuilding. His hard work paid off after three years of persistent effort, and he acquired the body he sought.


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Devin Physique Net Worth & Career in Fitness

Devin was the tiniest in his class as a child, and his size did not improve even after he graduated from high school. Devin was made fun of by a classmates one day that he looked sickly and skinny, and as a result, he pushed himself to improve his physical build, which lead him to become a fitness specialist in order to overcome the low self-esteem he had grown up with.

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Devin began with typical activities such as cross-country running, but they did not help him much, so he decided to pursue bodybuilding. He returned to his hometown of Chino Hills after graduating from college, where he mixed bodybuilding and two jobs to make ends meet.

Devin Physique began full-time bodybuilding in 2012, as well as his social media profiles, notably Instagram, which he has grown to over 2 million followers.

Devin Physique Scam

According to sources, Devin Physique defrauded customers by offering subpar items for $200. After several individuals discovered his wrongdoing, the scam became public. He marketed millions of dollars in food and training programs under the guise of his own fitness regimen, although there are claims that it wasn’t his diet plan in the first place. To make some money, the fitness trainer marketed other people’s items while making them appear to be his own.

Devin Physique Personal Life

Devin is presently dating Krystyna, a bodybuilder, and the couple got engaged in the early months of 2018. They haven’t given any details about their wedding date. We don’t know anything else about Devin’s personal life because he keeps it hidden from the public light.

Devin Physique Net Worth

Devin Physique has definitely worked extremely hard over the years to establish both his body and a fitness brand for himself. He has a lot of toys in the shape of fancy automobiles and motorcycles. Devin Physique gained his income by counseling individuals through the process of achieving their fitness objectives, as well as by selling numerous training plans and other bundles to them, as well as via sponsorships. With all of the mentioned income sources, as of 2021, Devin Physique has an estimated net worth of $5 million.

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