July 9, 2021
dieta risveglia metabolismo 382x223 1 - Diet awakens metabolism: the menu to speed up a slow metabolism

Below we present an example of a metabolism awakening diet that can aid in fast and safe weight loss.
Before going to see the example of a diet awakens metabolism in a weekly food menu, let’s first try to understand what we are talking about.

What is a metabolism awakening diet?

It is undoubtedly the right ally to awaken the slow metabolism.
As we have already mentioned, this type of diet would guarantee fast and safe weight loss and, compared to other do-it-yourself diets, it does not require large sacrifices, which is why it has become one of the most followed diets.
Therefore, all this can be summed up in a diet that allows you to eat, burn fat, lose weight and awaken the metabolism. A mix of elements appreciated by everyone, even by the stars.

At this point, therefore, all that remains is to try to understand how and if actually this diet and what is the diet that must be followed to be able to lose weight.

You can lose up to 9kg in 4 weeks

Being able to lose up to 9kg in 4 weeks is undoubtedly a promise that everyone likes and that strikes you since it means being able to lose weight in a short time, obtaining the best result. 9 kg in less than a month is really a great promise and to make it is the nutritionist and wellness consultant Haylie Pomroy, much loved by international stars.

All his studies are contained in the book ” The diet of supermetabolism ” which, in addition to indicating a real diet, also explains which foods should be avoided. In addition, always inside the book, there are also some recipes to try.
Let’s see, then, how the diet awakens metabolism.


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How does this diet work?

The weekly menu of the metabolism awakens diet is based on a seven day cycle that starts every every Monday and must be followed for at least 4 weeks.
In this diet it is mandatory to consume 5 meals a day, paying attention to avoid certain foods such as:

  • all sugars, including alcohol
  • dairy product
  • caffeine and theine
  • yeast and wheat flour
  • corn and soy

Weekly menu of the diet awakens metabolism

Now is the time to offer you the weekly menu that contains all foods that speed up the metabolism. The diet is divided into 3 phases.

Phase 1: Monday and Tuesday

In the first two days it is recommended to eat proteins and fruits with high glycemic content (pineapple, melon, mango) and whole grains, including oatmeal, brown rice and spelled. These metabolic-boosting foods stimulate the thyroid to burn fat, protein, and carbohydrates. In addition, these foods are able to convert sugar into energy, not fat. You also need to do some cardio activity, perhaps an outdoor run.

Phase 2: Wednesday and Thursday

To block fat stores, you must continue to eat proteins and vegetables, but not carbohydrates and fats. An example of a diet that awakens metabolism, therefore, provides space for turkey, beef, chicken and fish and among the favorite vegetables cabbage, spinach, cucumber and broccoli. Instead of cardio, you need to do weight lifting exercises to build muscle mass.

Phase 3: Friday to Sunday

At this point we have reached the phase in which we must try to speed up the metabolism, replenishing healthy fats and moderating the intake of proteins and carbohydrates. Olive oil, avocado, olives, eggs, nuts, seeds, and coconut are among the foods to be preferred. The physical activity to do, on the other hand, will be the relaxing one, then yoga and meditation.

This pattern must then be repeated for another 3 weeks. Our advice is to monitor your weight on the scale at the end of each weekly cycle. So, weigh yourself at least once every 7 days to check how your diet is progressing, awakens metabolism.

Does Diet Awaken Metabolism Really Work?

although it is always preferable to follow a diet that has been studied ad hoc, which only an expert, after a careful visit, can recommend ad personam, it must still be admitted that many people have managed to lose weight by following this diet accelerates metabolism.
Among the fans of this method of weight loss there are also the super stars Jennifer Lopez and Beyoncé.

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