January 24, 2022
Do Betta Fish Need Live Plants in Their Tank 1643014098 scaled - Do Betta Fish Need Live Plants in Their Tank?

Many people often ask if betta fish need live plants in their tank. The answer is that it depends on the type of live plant and the type of betta fish. In addition, some species of live plants can be toxic to some types of betta fish, so it’s essential to do your research before you buy any live plants for your aquarium.

In this blog post, we will discuss what live plants offer for both bettas and humans alike.


What Type of Live Plants Can Use on Betta Fish Aquarium?


The first thing you should know before putting live plants in your betta tank is that not all types of live plants are safe for your fish. For example, most varieties of lilies and floating ferns are toxic to betta fish and will more than likely end up killing them if kept in their tank.


Instead, it would be best if you went with some silk or plastic plants as they won’t pose a threat to your betta’s safety. You can easily get those plants and buy betta fish online. However, it is possible to find non-toxic plants that can be used for this purpose, like the Amazon Sword plant below: As stated above, not all types of live plants can be used on a betta aquarium, as some will prove to be fatal dangers.

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What Do Live Plants Offer Bettas?


Live plants do a lot of good for betta fish and their owners. Unfortunately, many people often overlook the benefits that live plants have on a betta tank, so let’s look at what they can offer.


Enhanced Health & Well-Being – Plants provide an active environment by creating an oxygen-rich aquarium; this gives your betta the chance to swim around and feel like it is living in its natural habitat. Live plants also create a much more aesthetically pleasing view for you as well as helping increase the water quality of your aquarium slightly by absorbing carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen into the water, which will show through better coloration and vigor.


Bettas Love Swimming Through Their Plant Tank – Your fish will enjoy swimming through the vegetation in their tank. They love to root themselves down while remaining partially submerged. This way, they can view everything that’s going on inside their tank without anything getting too close for comfort.


Enhanced Water Quality – Live plants usually only serve as a good thing for betta fish owners. They increase water quality slightly by absorbing some toxins and releasing oxygen into the water during photosynthesis.

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Enhanced Aesthetics/Fighting Disease – Fish tanks are often dull, boring

places to be viewed from any angle other than at eye level with your betta fish right next to the glass. Fortunately, live plants are used to make up for this problem. Plants are one of the best ways you can enhance the aesthetics of your aquarium; not only will this make your tank look better, but it can also help cure any betta fish that might be suffering from a disease or illness. It helps by focusing on their sickness and putting it on something beautiful to look at.


Alternative Methods to Using Live Plants


Just because you don’t want live plants in your tank doesn’t mean you have to take them out entirely. There are many ways you can still use live plants in a betta aquarium without having them directly in the water. For example, you can try using a potted plant or even some silk plants instead if you’re looking for other methods.


How about Betas? Do They Enjoy Living with Live Plants?


There’s no actual evidence that proves whether or not bettas like or dislike live plants, but there is plenty of evidence that they enjoy swimming through the beautiful vegetation in their tank.

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