November 11, 2021

According to a data estimate, location-based services will be ubiquitous by 2024, with a market value of $40 billion. Considering the current smartphone penetration rate, implementing a location aware app can introduce your company to over 200 million prospective customers in the United States alone.

A location-based application allows you to better address the needs of your consumers. We’ll go through how to build a location-based app, the essential benefits of geolocation apps, and the basic steps you’ll need to make a location app in this article.

Basic steps to create a location-based app

Before you start developing a location-based app, do some market research, come up with a possible business plan, and decide on the type of app you want to make. Is it a ‘real-time’ or a ‘non-real-time app, a’map-based’ or map location-based application? As soon as you’ve completed that, move on to the basic steps that follow. Developing a location app will, without a doubt, take some time, effort, and money.

Step 1. Define the particular geolocation features for your app

Depending on the app’s design, they may include GPS coordinates, map integration, and location detection.

Step 2. Select a technology stack for your app

Selecting the right technology stack–a set of tools used in the development of a software product–requires some patience and professional advice.  However, once you’ve completed that, you’ll be halfway done.

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Step 3. Create a design and user interface

Always keep in mind that a location-based app is still a mobile app with a user-friendly interface and a secure backend database.

Step 4. Ensure data safety

As data privacy laws become more stringent around the world, it’s critical to consider the existing legal standards in all of the countries where your apps will be used. After all, location-based apps are likely to be quite “data-heavy” solutions, so you’ll want to keep your clients’ data safe.

Step 5. Estimate costs

Remember that developing and testing the app will necessitate some money outlay. Choose your developer’s team based on your budget. The cost of developing a location-based app differs by region. The cost of developing a location-based app can range from $20,000 for a simple app to $150,000 for a complicated app.

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