October 2, 2021

Microsoft Exchange is the email service developed by Microsoft which is generally utilized by a lot of businesses and organizations. Exchange is known to sync all the emails between the client email applications like Microsoft Outlook and the Exchange server. Businesses use it as it helps them with all the emails and is built to never go offline. It is said that even if there was a power outage in the whole city, Microsoft Exchange would never go offline due to its High Side. This ensures that businesses and organizations would not miss any email.

Exchange Online is the Cloud version of Exchange Server and is maintained and managed by the highly trained IT professionals at Microsoft. All the data and files are stored on Microsoft’s highly secured data centers located across different geographical regions. Businesses can use Exchange Mailbox Migration services to migrate from Exchange Server to Exchange Online. Below are some of the features Of Microsoft Exchange Server and Online: –


Microsoft Exchange Online is known to be the most efficient and simple email system that provides enhanced functionalities to businesses. With the Smart-lookups features, users can easily find emails from their system easily and quickly. It comes with an inbuilt spam filter that makes sure that businesses don’t get bombarded with spam emails. Businesses can search their email boxed by author, date, or keywords. The biggest benefit of Exchange Online is that it is accessible from any device such as a tablet, mobile, desktop, and even laptop. Businesses can Host Exchange Online through the Best DaaS Providers for added performance and stability.

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The most important and known feature of Exchange is that it brings great security to all the businesses who have implemented it. Businesses can all their data safe. With internal compliance policies and data loss prevention capabilities, exchange limits the users from sending sensitive data to any unauthorized entities and users. DLP system, also known as Data Loss prevention feature monitor, identifies and protects all the sensitive data with the help of the deep analysis technique. The Office 365 Bundle offers businesses all the critical applications used in a business with inbuilt security and compliances. It is well known that the Tech Giant (Microsoft) has spent a lot of money on securing the Microsoft Cloud servers. Some of the Major Compliance standards included in Exchange Online are HIPAA, ISO 27001, and FISMA.

Great Return On Investment

Businesses and organizations can save a lot of money when implementing exchange online in their workflows. When a business sets up a traditional email server it needs a lot of upfront investment plus ongoing maintenance of the email servers is an overhead expense. They also have to hire and pay IT professionals to maintain their servers and practice security. With Microsoft Exchange Online, businesses just have to pay monthly or yearly subscription fees and can easily scale up or scale down the platform according to the changing business needs.  

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As you see, these were the features of Microsoft Exchange Online that businesses can receive. It helps businesses save money at the same time provides them great data security and efficiency. Apps4Rent provides migration services such as SharePoint Data Migration Services with great end-user security, maintenance, and around-the-clock professional support.

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