October 23, 2021

Buying a homecoming dresses is tough. There are so many different styles and looks to choose from, and it seems like every store is selling the same dresses. Do not worry! We help you with this guide. From finding the perfect ball gown size and color to advice on what to wear with the dress and how to make your hair look fabulous, we have all the tips you need here. So, sit back and read to find out more about these amazing dresses that will make you feel like a princess at the prom!

Finding the Perfect Dress Size

 If you have a busy schedule, are you having trouble shopping for a ball gown? Stores often have a dressing room available in the store for you to try on dresses, which is a great way to narrow down your options.

While the first step is to get a good dress size, the next is to make sure you are wearing the correct type of dress!

Sizing Your Perfect Dress: Take a Look at All the Options

When shopping for your perfect prom dress, try on several prom dresses to see which one suits you.So it’s easy to get confused. One of the biggest mistakes people make when looking for a dress to wear is buying a dress that doesn’t fit right. So take a look at the styles available.

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Finding the Perfect Color

Maybe you’re afraid to wear too much pink on prom night. Or maybe you just want to avoid confrontations with other girls. Unfortunately, there are so many colors to choose from, so finding the perfect shade can be challenging. But don’t worry, here are some tips to ensure you have a beautiful prom night!

Use Natural Tones

The first step in finding the perfect color for your ball gown is to use neutral colors. Opt for dark and light tones, so as not to stand out too much. It’s a good idea to stay away from fluorescent colors too.

Dark colors will make your skin look even lighter and your eyes and cheeks look bigger. They also help keep your hair in place.

Keep it classic

Try to keep it classic with the ball gown.

What to wear with your prom dress

First, you must find the perfect color for your prom dress. There are numerous options, but a good rule of thumb is that if you’re using a dark color, it’s not a good idea to combine it with black. So choose a darker color with your dress and then match it with black accessories. Of course, it’s always a good idea to find shoes that match your dress!

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You want to have as many accessories as possible with your dress to complete your look. When it comes to color combinations, think of the basic rule: white to black, black to white, and white to gold.

What to wear with your ball gown

When it comes to shoes, it’s best to have two pairs of shoes. Always have a pair of flat or ballet shoes on hand and a pair of heels that make your legs look longer.


For girls with smaller feet like me, finding a dress that fits can be a little tricky, so here are some tips for choosing your shoes.

Your shoe size can be found in your bra size. Make sure you wear a bra that is the same size as the dress you are going to try on.

Look for shoes with adjustable straps, such as strappy sandals. Try to get a pair that has a bigger jump. Also, remember that if you buy apartments that are a little smaller, it’s no big deal, because they’ll still fit.

If you have a bigger shoe size, you can go back and try on more dresses, but it’s not necessary. Just order the shoes as soon as you find the perfect one.

If you are shopping online, remember that you cannot try on shoes in a store.

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Use all silver jewelry to match the silver shadow.

Cropped Dress

* Price shown is the original retail price without the $10 beauty coupon we included in our postage.

This cutout Christian Siriano dress is on sale at 50% off and is still available in almost all sizes (except petite). We love this dress because it doesn’t have a train, so you can wear a belt and stockings to be comfortably covered. What’s more, you can even use it as a mini if ​​you like. Buy here!

Turtleneck Velvet Dress

This dress is fully lined and has adjustable straps. It also has a high collar, which means it’s a little more elegant than other prom dresses we’ve introduced. The style comes in eight colors and costs $200.


Your hair will play a big role in how stunning your prom dress looks. First, how short or long should your hair be? And how do you want it styled? We have this simple guide on how to get the best prom hair ever! Your hair should be longer on top, but a little longer on the sides and back. Also, you should choose a style that best matches your hair length. And don’t forget that you’ll also need to find a prom hair accessory! We have lots of prom hair accessories to choose from, and we’re sure you’ll find the perfect one for your look!

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Your makeup should be simple and you should be able to buy it in one go at the cosmetics store.

Hair hair 

Accessories Choosing accessories at the prom can be tricky, but these are some of the great ones you should consider. If you are looking to increase the glamor factor, these fake tassel hairpins are the perfect complement to your hair and can be added to your look with hairpins. If you’re shorter and need height, choose a shiny hair clip that adds shine. As long as the clip has a little tailgate feature to stay in your hair, they’ll add a fun touch to your look.

Steal the Look: Feeling inspired by these prom hair accessories? Then buy our edition of the best prom hair clips out there and learn how to achieve the same look in a stylish way.

How to Make Your Hair Beautiful

If you’re looking for the perfect prom dress, then you’re probably wondering how you can make your hair look beautiful for the big night. A prom dress is obviously the first thing you’ll notice about yourself on prom night, and when you’re on your way to prom, you’ll be beaming with happiness. So why not make your hair match your dress? Make sure you have enough time to do your hair, make sure your stylist takes care of your hair and scalp, and make sure you’re happy with your hair! But most importantly, remember to have fun on prom night! You shouldn’t worry about the little things and make sure you have fun!

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A ball gown that is a great choice for most girls is the floor length red ball gown.

Planning Your Prom Night

Now that you’ve selected the perfect dress, it’s time to find the perfect accessories to complement your beautiful dress. There are so many cute styles to choose from, but we all know your prom dress is only half the look. Make sure you choose the perfect hairstyle to complement your prom dresses and find the right accessories to complete your look.  There’s nothing more special than a fabulous prom dress and fabulous hair, and with our guide you’ll find all the important advice and tips you need to rock your prom night.

Love and romance

This prom night will be unforgettable, so before you even set foot in the party zone, it’s important to make sure you’re well prepared for a memorable night.

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