December 22, 2021

What is Google Chrome Screen Flickering?

After a Windows update, When you are using Google Chrome browser on your Windows 10 computer sometimes you will see Screen flickering when you browsing through a website. Many Windows 10 and Google Chrome users face this Chrome flickering issue.

This can sometimes look like screen tearing issue as well.

Why does the Google Chrome Flickering Issue Occur?

This issue is a common issues that occurs in Chrome after Windows 10 upgrade or Google Chrome upgrade or a Graphics driver issue. Let’s learn how to fix this Screen flickering issue.

How To Fix Google Chrome Screen Flickering in Windows 10

Use the various methods mentioned below to fix the screen flickering issue on your Windows 10 computer when using google chrome.

Method 1: Try using incognito window mode on your Chrome browser to stop flickering issue

Sometimes using Google chrome incognito window will fix the screen flickering issue temporarily. To do this.

  1. Click on the menu options of the Google chrome browser.
  2. Select the New incognito window option.
  3. Now browse the same website and check whether the screen flickering is gone.
  4. If it’s gone, then it’s an issue with the Google chrome browser.

If the screen flickering is still present on the Incognito window proceed with the next method.

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Method 2: Turn off Hardware Acceleration on Google Chrome.

Google chrome has an option named “Use Hardware Acceleration When Available” which is used for hardware acceleration. So this might cause an issue with Screen flicking in chrome as well.

1. Go to the Settings page of Google chrome by selecting the three dots on the top right and choose Settings.

2. Now click on the advanced option on the left of the settings page. Here select System option.

Fix Google Chrome Screen Flickering in Windows

3. Click on the toggle to disable the “Use Hardware Acceleration When Available” option.

4. After this option is disabled. Close Google chrome and restart your computer and check whether the screen flickering issue is still present.

Fix Google Chrome Screen Flickering in Windows

Method 3: Update Graphics Card Driver

Screen flickering might also be an issue with Graphics drivers being old and causing issues.

To fix it Download the latest version of AMD or Nvidia driver and update it. Then restart your computer and then check whether Chrome is flickering again. If it’s still flickering like before follow the next method.

Method 4: Turn off Smooth Scrolling

1. On your Google chrome browser open a new tab and copy and paste chrome://flags to go to the flags page

Fix Google Chrome Screen Flickering in Windows

2. Then search for Smooth Scrolling settings.

Fix Google Chrome Screen Flickering in Windows

3. Now click on the default drop-down option and choose Disabled.

Fix Google Chrome Screen Flickering in Windows

4. Now the Smooth Scrolling feature will be disabled on your google chrome browser and the screen flickering issue will also be fixed.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I stop Google Chrome flickering?

To stop chrome from flickering you have to fix the Graphics issue like Graphics drivers or graphics card, display cable or monitor problem.

Why does Google Chrome keep glitching?

Even after fixing the causes of the problem, if it keep on glitching you can do a fresh install of Windows or Google Chrome.

How to Fix Google Chrome screen scroll down flickers ?

When scrolling down while using Google chrome if you are getting the flickering issue you have to fix the Smooth scrolling feature in the Google chrome settings page.

Hope you were able to solve the screen flickering issue on your Google chrome browser with the help of our tutorial.

Also, don’t forget to share our tutorial on social media if you found it helpful.

Leave your comments below in the comments section, if you are still facing the chrome flickering issue, we will help you out.

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