December 12, 2021
jeg empty 8 - Free Android Apps for Business 2021

Like other fields, smartphone technology has entered into the business world through different B2B Android Apps. Now people have stopped using ordinary ways to manage their business and prefer these new B2B android apps.

Friendly saying it is not easy for new users to get the right app for their business because there are a lot of options available on the internet and google play store. In this article, we will provide you list of some android apps which help you to improve your business by digitalizing basic processes.

One thing to keep in your mind while using below mentioned or other business apps from the internet is that all apps have their advantages and disadvantages which you will know after using those apps on your device. We have these apps according to users’ reviews and ratings on google play store and other official apps stores.

What are B2B Android Apps?

B2B apps are software or tools which help small business owners to manage their business through their smartphone digitally with less paperwork. People love these apps become these apps help them to run their business smoothly by saving their time and money.

In simple words, these apps help users to automate all their basic processes like, daily operations, expenses, transactions, and other things which are mostly done in ordinary ways. After automating all basic tasks users can easily control them anywhere at any time.

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There are tons of B2B android apps on the internet and the google play store which helps small businesses in different business activities like,

  • Accounting
  • Video conferencing
  • Messaging
  • Payroll
  • Data Storage 
free android apps for business 2021 - Free Android Apps for Business 2021

What are the best free Android Apps for business in 2021?

As mentioned in the above paragraph there are tons of B2B apps that help you to enhance and improve your business. We have mentioned the top used business app below which help you to boost your business at any cost for free.

#1. QuickBooks App

This app is released by famous business app developers Intuit Inc, who have also released GoPayment and TurboTax app for business owners. The main motto of this new app is to support users to manage all their business records, payments, and invoices with minimum effort through this new app.

It also allows you to share all your records, documents with other people and also see your records and other files from your device nay where at any time by login into this app. Apart from these above-mentioned features it also provides users with mentioned tools like,

  • Automictic calculator
  • Cash flows
  • Events reminder
  • Payment details

#2. Expensify App

This is also a list among top business apps because it helps users to manage their all-business expense and also help to create quick expense reports which they can share with other people. Apart from expense reports these apps also have different features like,

  • Allow users to scan receipts and documents with smart scanning technology
  • It helps users to book travel tickets at low prices.
  • Tax and Mileage tracker
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#3. Fuze App

This new app is used by business owners to schedule meetings with clients and team members for free. People love this app because of the below-mentioned features like,

  • Work with both Wi-Fi and data package
  • Option to manage multiple calls simultaneously
  • Support multiple language’s
  • Conferencing calling

#4. MailChimp App

As you know that emails are very important in every business to remain in touch with clients and other business partners. This new app is best for managing and making bulk email and CRM services. Apart from emailing this app also allow you to make calls and text message too. People love this new app because of the below-mentioned features like,

  • Bulk mails
  • Multiple calls and texts
  • Email automation.
  • CRM services

#5. Vivial App

As you know that digital marketing is also important for business. This app will help you to promote your business through different social media, websites, local directories, emails, and newsletters for free. Apart from online marketing this app also provides users easy search optimization and also local search optimization for free.

#6. TripIt App

This new app will help users to arrange business trips, flight tickets, deals, and other traveling information for free. You can easily get information about different locations, weather forecasts, maps, and also directions in this new app too.

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Like other apps, this app also has a premium and free version. The free version is enough for a single person but business users need to subscribe premium version which has more features and tools than the free version.

Apart from these above-mentioned B2B apps you may also download and install other business-related apps and tools from our safe and secure android apps partner to take your business to next level for free.

Final Words

B2B Android Apps are business tools that help users to manage their basic business activities from their smartphone and tablet. If you want to manage your business from your device then try the above-mentioned apps and also share them with other business owners so that more people take advantage of technology.

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