February 11, 2022

What exactly is healthcare software, and where can it be found? Let’s take a closer look at these technological solutions that transform modern medicine.

Healthcare software – what is it?

In short, healthcare software can be used to describe any program, system, or app which improves the way medical facilities work. As such, it covers plenty of areas, including communication, diagnosis, or even treatments. The necessity of this solution was especially visible during the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic. Software replaced a lot of redundant activities with easier, faster, and more reliable processes, providing both medical workers and patients with comfort and a sense of safety.

Healthcare software – what is it used for?

Healthcare software is used for various purposes. Here are but a few instances of how modern technology enhances medical practices. Our inspiration is this article – https://www.elpassion.com/blog/most-popular-types-of-healthcare-software.

Electronic Health Record (EHR) Software

The EHR system can be generally understood as a digital collection of patient data. It’s extremely useful and much more efficient than keeping the record on paper, especially in the case of transferring data between different facilities. EHR can include information about medication and treatments (EMR – electronic medical record) or specific clinical information from patient’s hospital (EPR – electronic patient record).

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Online Appointment Scheduling

To avoid waiting in long lines with other patients or waiting for your turn during a call, many hospitals and medical centers have opened a special platform that became an intermediary between both sides. The online scheduling system provides a lot of possibilities being just one click away; patients can choose a convenient date of a visit, check the doctor’s availability, and reschedule or cancel the appointment at any time.

Telemedicine Software

Reaching its popularity during the pandemic, online medical consultations have given many opportunities for people who couldn’t or didn’t have a chance to visit a medical facility. Although it may not reflect the same nature as face-to-face appointments, digital consultations brought patients a feeling of being taken care of. They are a perfect solution for quick advice in a safe, comfortable environment.

Along with telemedicine software, there is also a rise of e-prescribing systems. This solution enables patients to use prescriptions faster and more conveniently. Also, the essential information about the prescriptions is sent to pharmacies to shorten the time and improve the quality of services.

There are many other examples, but one thing is certain: Healthcare software has provided plenty of benefits for developing medical practices concerning administrative and patient-related issues. Even though it became more recognizable with the pandemic, the improvement and implementation of healthcare software will surely be present long after the virus is gone.

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