August 4, 2021
Promote Nationalism

Nationalism is a way of creating a sense of national consciousness. When we promote nationalism, one will exalt the nation above all others. He works for the promotion of its culture and interests. Nowadays, it has become a modern movement. If we read our history, we will know that people have shown their attachments to their native soils. They had worked hard to save the traditions of their parents. Due to the dynamic vitality of nationalism, it is often thought to be very old. The people mistakenly considered it as part of the permanent political behaviour. Anyhow, the twentieth century is the rise of nationalism not only in America but also in Asia and Africa. It has also become a cause of the identification of state or nation. By following this principle as shared here at DigiTranic, each nationality should fight for the state.

Role of Education to Promote Nationalism:

Undoubtedly, we can’t deny the importance of education to promote nationalism. No doubt, there are different cultures in a country. If we want to hold the nation, we have to promote nationalism through education. Moreover, education is also playing a vital role in awakening and fostering the nation. It is leading autonomy and independence for the formerly colonized countries. If we see it’s post-conflict, we will know that nation-building is the major factor. For the formation of the new imagined communities, education is also playing a vital role. Education is also playing a vital role in the strengthening of social cohesion. We can also shape the identity of a nation through education.

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To promote nationalism in a country, we have to follow some essential policies and programs. For example, we have to modify the language of instructions in schools, colleges and universities. Here, we have to implement our national languages. If we are teaching people in foreign languages, it is difficult for us to change the behaviour of the people. We have to introduce reforms in the school curriculum. Here, we can add history subjects. When we teach history subjects, we can tell the people about the achievements of our ancestors. To promote nationalism, we can also introduce mother tongue-based multilingual education programs. The adult literacy programs can also provide enough help to promote nationalism.

For the promotion of different education programs, we should form national integration committees. These committees will provide enough help to solve the problems of unity, integrity and solidarity. In the education policies, we should also work on the promotion of ethics. When we will implement these educational policies, we can provide feelings of freedom to the people. They will also become more patriots and idealists. Another role of education to promote nationalism is to create togetherness among the people. These things will also last some positive impacts on the fundamental growth of the individuals. Education can also make nationalism part of the ongoing process. This is the best way to connect young people to the roots of culture and socialism.

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If we want to promote nationalism through education, we should teach history to the students at the initial stage of education. At the initial stage of education, they can easily learn and attain knowledge. Here, governments should start with the relevant programs. For example, governments can introduce moral education programs. These programs can create feelings of patriot and nationalism. We should introduce these programs for those sectors of society that are underprivileged. Here, we can also think about another subsequent of attaining socio-cultural education. It is through family values. At the initial stage of education, these family values will last some important facts. These facts will lead to the ultimate upbringing of the children at the initial stage of education.

Recommended by a dissertation writing firm, if we want to prepare the nation for today, we have to make the nation a passport for the future. It is a fact that education is a foundation for the development of a human being from the initial stage to maturity. When we will promote nationalism through education from the initial to the upper level, we can make it a part of an ongoing process. If governments are interested in promoting nationalism, they should allocate enough budgets for education. The governments should create a better system of research and innovation to focus on both school and high-level education. The governments can also spend money on designing special courses for nationalism. They can also attract foreign investors to invest in the education system. To upgrade the quality of teaching, we should also start programs in higher education.

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Here, we should also understand that this idea has an association with the self-determination principle. Therefore, we can’t relate this concept with a particular religion, community or caste. Anyhow, it requires oneness and diversity towards the nation. That’s why we should use nationalism as a tool of exploitation in various areas. First, we can use it to acquire votes. It means that we can make promises with the people to make a united and independent nation. Secondly, religious nationalists should also use it as a tool. For example, they can make moral appeals to eradicate corruption in society. Thirdly, we should use it in such a manner that it should exclude religious minorities. When we promote nationalism through education, we will also learn how to foster and preserve the traditional culture. Here, we should discuss ideologies of nationalism based on socialism and mental health among people.


If we want to promote nationalism through education, we should discuss the interlink between territory and individuals. Here, education can change the behaviour of the citizens based on the territory needs. For the maintenance of the ongoing nationalism scenario, we have to come up with various schemes. When we compare nationalism and education in various nations, we know that education plays a vital role in promoting nationalism during the post-independence period. Here, we can take the examples of nationalism in China, Germany and Japan. These countries have continuously enhanced the scope of the education system. Moreover, these countries have to cultivate the interests of individuals. They have to cultivate these interests based on national interests. When we will make it an ongoing process, we can make the nation a passport for the future.

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