September 8, 2021

In recent times, Airphysio is one of the most vital devices known as mucus clearance and lung expansion OPEP. The  Oscillating Positive Expiratory Pressure has been used on it that helps the body’s natural cleansing process. In addition, it plays a vital role in controlling ideal hygiene in the lung and reconstructs capacity.

AirPhysio can be used to treat respiratory conditions like COPD, Cystic, Fibrosis, Asthma, Bronchiectasis, etc. These conditions obstacle the ability of the body to extract the polluted mucus, and lung capacity is shortened by 5-25 mlyr for asthmatics and 33 or more ml/yr for smokers that causes breathing problems.

However, there are a considerable number of people who find it difficult to use. Keeping that in our mind, we have come up with its user guide. So, stay tuned & keep reading to perceive How to Use Airphysio.

How Can I Use AirPhysio

Using AirPhysio is not a complicated task at all. Anyone can easily use it after reading its users guide. Here, we have shown the step-by-step guidelines that will help use it effectively without confronting any complications.

Step 1

Initially, take an abdominal breathe [Deep Breath] into your lung and clog up entirely.

Step 2

Now, for 2-3 seconds, hold your breath.

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Step 3

Set up the AirPhysio device into your mouth and breathe out through the device slowly, but keep the pace for between 3-5 seconds until your lung is empty.

Step 4

When your lungs are at optimum capacity to take the ball slightly off the cone, get it oscillating.

Step 5

To have the cap in front of the ceiling and bend it until you touch up the utmost vibration in your chest. Besides, try to hold the cheeks hard to help increase the effect in your chest.

Step 6

After breathing out through the device, you may notice mucus collecting near the lungs’ top or throat’s back; if so, instate a cough to exclude the mucus. If not, the mucus will constantly be firing up to the throat & maybe fed on as a simple process.

Step 7

Repeat the entire process as we mentioned approximately 2 to3 times for a maximum of 5 minutes, taking 2 breaths in between every single session to eliminate the possibility of feeling lightheaded.

Things That Should Be Followed Before Using AirPhysio

Here are some tips that you should follow while using Airphysio.

  1. Feel free and stay in the proper position & posture.
  2. Take a normal breath but don’t clog up the lungs fully.
  3. Hold your breath for two to three seconds.
  4. Position Airphysio in the mouth and breath through it at a considerably fast but not too.
  5. To get the maximum vibration in the chest, adjust the tilt.
  6. Keep your cheeks stiff.
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Benefits of Using AirPhysio

There are lots of advantages you’ll get after using the AirPhysio. In this segment, we have pointed out some of the significant benefits you’ll get after using the excellent innovative device.

1.  Remove Mucus in Natural Way

AirPhysio enhances the airways and pushes out the blocked mucus for better breathing. It doesn’t use any harmful drugs or chemicals to expand the airways that make it acceptable among users worldwide. On top of that, AirPhysio helps control hygiene within the lungs and enhance the capacity of the lungs.

2.  Don’t Need a Prescription

AirPhysio is a doctor-recommended device that is accepted by Pulmonologists. It is one of the most effective devices for patients with different respiratory conditions. You don’t need to provide a prescription to get the device as it doesn’t contain any harmful materials.

3.  Portable Size & Easy To Use

AirPhysio comes in compact sizes; thus, you can bear it wherever & whenever you want. Not only that, but also it is simple to use, and you don’t need to go through a complicated process to set it up in your mouth.

What Parts & Accessories an Airphysio Consists

An AirPhysio holds the following parts and accessories that you should know to clean every single aspect.

  • An orbicular cone
  • A ball made with stainless steel
  • Child-resistant preventive cover
  • Mouthpiece & base
  • Mouthpiece cap
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Airphysio devices are available in respective sizes that allow particular treatment depending on age and consumers’ tolerance to airway resistance. For instance. A small-sized steel ball confers comparatively less resistance and is perfect for children & adults with short lung capacity, harsh respiratory conditions, or frail respiratory muscles. On the contrary, a standard-sized steel ball is ideal for healthy, active particulars and adults with weak to average respiratory infections.

How To Clean AirPhysio

AirPhysio requires a regular cleaning process. To keep your device virus & bacteria-free, you have to make it tidy. Here is the complete cleansing guideline of AirPhysio.

  1. It is vital to wash the AirPhysio device after every session to extract the moisture or mucus from the internal components.
  2. Disassemble all the parts and accessories of AirPhysio.
  3. Now, take a bowl full of water and mix detergent and mild soap.
  4. Rinse all the parts and accessories with the cleansing solution.
  5. Wipe with components with a clean towel
  6. Reassemble all the parts and let it dry

Final Verdict

AirPhysio is now one of the most crucial devices, especially for patients with Asthma, sore throats, phlegm, congestion in the chest, respiratory infections, etc. The critical function of the device is to improve users breathing by removing blocked mucus.

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However, Australia-based company TAn developed the AirPhysio device for users to clear airways to breathe adequately. Besides, AirPhysio helps in preventing problems in their respiratory systems. The good thing is, a maximum number of medical professionals suggest AirPhysio as a remedy for cold congestion, asthma, COPD, etc.

However, many people find the device difficult to use, but not if you know the proper guideline. In this write-up, we have conferred the acceptable user guideline that can be followed, and you’ll find it easy.

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