January 25, 2022
jeg empty 12 - How LMS Solves Training Problems in the Manufacturing Sector

The participation of the manufacturing sector in the national economy is essential. New and improved manufacturing methods are being developed owing to new technological trends. Employees of automated production systems need to  be continuously trained on new technologies. Due to regular work, employees do not have time for face-to-face training.

Some  of the biggest challenges this sector faces are the frequent releases of new regulatory standards, products, and employee skill gaps. One of the most difficult challenges in manufacturing is bridging those gaps quickly. Elearning can be a great help in resolving these problems.

Let’s understand these challenges one by one and see how LMS can help solve these challenges and secure the future of manufacturing industry

  • Challenge of widening the skill gap

While the main concern of  the manufacturing industry is looking for multi-skilled workers in which the industry can play different roles, many workers in the manufacturing industry are unskilled and technically incompetent. It’s because they are being trained for only one professional role. The skill gap is the difference between what the employer wants and what the employee has.

LMS can change the way training programs are delivered in the workplace by making learning resources more accessible, cheaper and more flexible. Employees can complete training at their own pace in areas where improvement is needed. Other employees can focus on their areas of development through online learning. 

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Companies can also make use of authoring tools like Articulate Storyline that makes creating this training content easier. To effectively convey knowledge, the tool combines visual elements such as infographics, animations, and videos with proven and effective educational strategies. They increase employee involvement, learning and retention. 

  • High training cost

Creating a training program in the classroom  can be very costly because of the skills required in the manufacturing industry. It takes a long time to teach employees the methods and techniques required for the industry. And that results in the involvement of many trainers and supervisors. Training by an instructor requires a large investment of man-hours in your company. Additional transportation costs are also incurred if employees from different locations are brought to a central location for training.

To keep training costs low, we recommend that you use an LMS like Articulate Storyline to provide all the training that can be done virtual. For example , memorising and understanding the rules and regulatory standards.Online training is a more cost-effective method than Instructor-led Training (ILT) / classroom training due to the low cost of transportation, tickets, accommodation and instructors.

This method is  more adaptable, allowing employees to learn to study overtime and regularly update course content based on new systems and industry guidelines. Difficult skills can also be taught, partly in class and partly through online training. In a sense, collaborative learning is suitable for training employees in the manufacturing industry.

  • Training new employees is a problem
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Experienced workers are in great demand in the employment market. As a result, employee turnover is quite high. New employees are always employed at different levels and in different locations. Training a small group of new employees each time they are hired is a time-consuming process.

Online introductory training has many advantages such as time efficiency, cost efficiency, rigorous process, learner convenience, and  high success rate. With the introduction of online onboarding systems, new rules can be sent to employees across locations, departments, and levels as soon as they arrive.

The online learning portal allows employees to start their online training  with a video / audio welcome message from your company’s CEO to introduce you to the board of directors and other senior executives. Trainers should ideally provide short micro-learning phases and easy-to-understand modules to prevent new employees from getting lost in the huge learning information.

Trainers and instructors should plan a training program so that experienced employees can share their knowledge and experience with new employees. This helps new employees acquire the  skills they need for their day-to-day work.

There is no doubt that classroom training is the most effective method for new employees. However, when used correctly, LMS like the Articulate Storyline can also execute training processes successfully. Its interactive nature, student delivery format, versatility, self-contained learning, and other attractive features make it a popular choice among employers. To make it more attractive, instructors can use virtual instructors, infographics, online safety training videos, and other delivery formats with more photos and less text.

  • Ensuring continuous compliance
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Compliance requirements of manufacturers around the world are constantly changing. Examples of the rapidly evolving nature of compliance include health and safety regulations and environmental regulations. Working in a highly regulated sector, for example in the healthcare and safety sector, food and beverage industries, there are additional regulations that must be complied with.

In addition to that, manufacturing compliance training  is often about step-by-step instructions. With e-learning, your employees can easily adapt training modules according to the  regulatory changes. Instructors can also quickly create new training materials as new compliance requirements are introduced. 

E-learning is also very effective at dealing with compliance issues, primarily procedural issues. Using e-learning as a delivery method can make training more attractive and engaging, allowing learners to move each module at their own pace,  understand the steps of the process, and proceed with confidence.

Finally, LMS manages e-learning content, creates documents about who  completed the training, what results were achieved, and so on. This document can be used in the compliance process.

  • Broad Product Portfolio Challenges

Throughout the years, manufacturing organizations and employees are under continuous pressure to bring new products to market, improve current products, and  research and innovate for better products.

If employees are engaged in regular work without training, they will not be able to innovate and develop better products or build portfolios.

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Clarifying product development procedures in training sessions, such as the need for assessment, research, concepts, rapid prototyping, final design and testing are overwhelming and increase the cognitive load on staff. You can’t expect your employees to master all stages of product design at the same time.

Step-by-step training with small online modules saves employees time while improving the overall product development process. This serves as a review course in addition to what they have learned before also.

  • Keep training procedure safe

New employees in the manufacturing industry might have to use machines and devices during training, but improper use can be dangerous. With the use of e-learning platforms, employees can perform the theoretical or the rules and regulation part of the training in a completely secure virtual environment. Elements and technologies that  can be integrated into e-learning modules that help improve training safety and employee efficiency by creating virtual situations, digital simulations, augmented reality, and virtual reality.


While traditional classroom training cannot be completely replaced, online training can be considered to overcome the above challenges. We hope that the LMS options you find facilitate the quick transfer of knowledge to address your training challenges. Check out the features of the Articulate Storyline plugin to see if it suits your needs.

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