August 24, 2021

Veganism also found its place in many industries, including sports. The main purpose of the sports industry is sustaining healthier and greener lives, it is no wonder why sports institutions have taken place in using vegan products in their sports activities, and many companies started using them to produce eco-friendly sports goods.

Some of the sports equipment sports companies produce was initially made of animal leather, mostly pig’s and cow’s skin. Just the thought of killing those innocent animals for one Basketball Ball to be created is making you feel bad, isn’t it? Especially if you are into sports and Basketball is your favorite one. Have you thought about how many pigs and cows were killed in order for one ball to be produced? And the number of produced sports balls yearly is high. Sports equipment although is made of high-quality materials, still needs new replacement very often, since the score of the game can depend strictly on its quality.

Animal leather was used more often for making sports ball. Today, as most people consider choosing vegan instead of animal products, has affected companies to do it so. Most sports brands didn’t think twice and started with the production of vegan sports goods, from sportswear to sports shoes and equipment.

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The production of sportswear was first started using plant-based materials and resources. Quickly after the vegan sportswear, manufacturers in the sports industry have put their focus on producing sustainable footwear, and lately, sports equipment has found its place in eco-sustainability.

Sports balls as the main equipment for many sports got his eco-friendly version on the markets. From Baseball to Basketball, all sports equipment was quickly replaced with a greener version. Even Beach Volleyball Ball, as well as the other Volleyball designed for outdoor, were made eco-friendly.

We should keep in mind that besides the different required types of ball these sports have, they also need different sizes of the balls intended for either young players, female players, or men. The level of experience for the players also matters. Professionals are using bigger size, while small-sized balls, like Size 3 Soccer Ball is designed for the kids no older than the age of 8.

Apart from Sports Balls, the use of plant-based products is recognized in some other types of sporting equipment like Gloves. Baseball and Boxing are using vegan leather for their sports gloves. As the name vegan says, this leather is made of natural plants and fibers and it does have a similar texture and touch to real leather.

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