August 5, 2021
Villa Renovation
Lying comfortably in your bed or enjoying a conversation with your family in the living room are unmatchable feelings. Yet, the backyard allows for a beautiful open-area space to sit with your friends and family. It won’t be an exaggeration to say that some of the best memories are made in backyard parties and barbecues.People who love to design their houses put extra effort into beautifying their backyard. However, it has become difficult to give a unique look to your backyard with so many common ideas. Interior design Dubai Companies are looking to offer new options for home renovation and backyard design.

Unique Backyard Design Ideas

If you are tired of the same backyard designs everywhere, here are a few unique ideas for you to try.

Floral Wall

Floral walls are a must-have in the backyard with different kinds of flowers and plants. Yet, it is not vital to only have real flowers in the backyard. To elevate the look of your pretty backyard, you can also opt for an artificial flower wall to act as a feature wall. Choose the material of flowers according to the location and weather, and add a gorgeous flower wall to your backyard.

Lamp Posts

Doesn’t everyone love to sit under lamp posts in parks and have a meaningful conversation with a partner? We all do. You can get the same setup at the convenience of your home without having to go to a park. Depending on your budget and space, you can get small-sized or tall lamp posts and enjoy park feels. Choose from multiple designs available in stores and online.
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Dining Area

Create a small dining area in the middle of your backyard for intimate family dinners and parties. Wood pallets have become quite trendy in the past few days, and they can be an excellent addition to your backyard. Low dining areas with wooden pallets and cushions are among the most recommended dining area choices by Interior design Dubai Companies. You can play with the overall look to make it unique.


How many backyards have you seen with a fountain? Not many houses have a fountain in the backyard, and it is considered quite extravagant. You can install a fountain in the backyard without spending all of your savings on it. Fountains of different shapes, designs, and budgets are available everywhere to let you have a modern and chic backyard.

Fire Pit

It is not an out-of-the-box idea to have a fire pit in the backyard. However, did you think you have a gas fireplace rather than a wooden one? If you have not, you will be surprised to know how convenient they are. You can find gas fire pits in different materials and designs to match the overall vibe of your backyard. Also, there are several types of gas fire pits to choose from!


A backyard is a perfect place for the Jacuzzi; don’t let anyone tell you otherwise!Having a Jacuzzi in the backyard is an incredibly amazing idea that gives your backyard a modern look and lets you enjoy a bath amidst nature. Surround your Jacuzzi with beautiful flowers and build a bar near it if you like.
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Abstract Pool

We all have seen oval, round, square, and rectangular pools, but not every house has an abstract pool. Some backyard areas do not have enough space to accommodate a proper pool. Having an abstract pool can be an excellent choice to make the best use of available space in such a situation. Connect to the interior designers at Exotic Interior Studio to find out the right pool option for your backyard.

Truck Art

Truck art is a unique decor inspiration to adorn your backyard. Yo can find different kinds of elements in truck art like plant pots, wall hangings, decor items, and even tables and chairs. The best part about having a truck-art-inspired backyard is to paint already existing backyard decor items in a truck art theme.


Designing a unique backyard is quite simple if you add and combine different elements aesthetically. Whether you opt for a flower wall, fire pit, or a Jacuzzi, Interior design Dubai Companies find all these to be excellent ways to brighten up your backyard.Happy Decorating!
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