November 3, 2021
jeg empty 4 - How to Fix photo with Wondershare Repairit and Why You Choose it

Photos contain our memories and emotions. A picture can capture our memories when we receive first prize in school, birthday, best friends’ memories, etc. But sometimes we lose our photos by somehow mistakes. But we don’t know how to fix photo. Then we feel very depressed about losing our photos. So, if it happens to you, don’t worry. Use photo repair software to repair corrupted images. This article will discuss the major causes of photo loss and how we can fix corrupted images with the help of Wondershare Repairit and take the necessary steps to fix corrupted photos.

The cause of photo loss

Cameras and photos Digitization is undoubtedly a great invention in the modern age and has made many things easier. And you can still experience these beautiful moments again through digitization. But you have to be more careful of handling such expensive digital cameras and storage. You have to keep in mind that a bit careless of your camera and SD card corruption can be the reason for photo loss. Here are some important causes of photo loss:

1 Format memory card

2. Deletion of accidental

3. Virus affected in the memory card

4. Memory cards are removed from computers while the data are open or being transferred

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5. Camera battery is too low when clicking the photos, which might be the cause of the deletion

6. Forget the warning of the camera like memory card full and continuous storing photos

7. Same memory card is used in different devices, which is another reason for photo loss.

8. Photos clicking rapidly without giving sufficient time to the camera to write over the memory card.

How to fix lost photos with Repairit

Advance world problems need an advanced solution. Suppose you are looking for a complete full guide to recover your photos. There are some ways that you can use to fix photos and recover your fixed corrupted photos. We have listed all the guides step by step to recover your photos in a simple way. Here you know how to repair and damaged photos on your device.

Guide 1: The ultimate method of photo repair everywhere

Wondershare Repairit is popular software that is used to repair your damaged photos effectively. With the help of this software, a corrupted photo file can be easily recovered. No matter which device you use, it supports almost every device like Windows, MAC, SD cards, Android, or iPhone.

You will need some basic requirements to recover your damaged photos, like 2GB RAM and a 250 MB free space in your hard disk to run this exceptional software on your device. If you have windows ten software, here are some easy steps to fix corrupted photos and recover a photo using Repairit software.

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Step 1.  Run Photo Repair and Add Corrupted Files

 When you launch the software on your device, your dashboard looks like this one. The face is the same for every device. First, you have to go to the photo repair feature from the sidebar.

Click on the “Add” button then the new browser will load. Here you can add the distorted image that you wish to get repaired.

Step 2: Open all the photos and repair

Now you can click an image to repair it. You can select the number of images at the same time to repair them easily. After opening the photo, you can see the important things of the photo like thumbnails and other details like file size, photo resolution, etc. Now click the button repair to proceed.

Step 3: Preview and repair all the photos

Now click on the repair button, and the browser will be loading. The software will start its work after clicking on the repairing button. When the repairing process is completed, the browser will notify you and see the result. Now click on the save button to save the photo and select its targeted location to save. After savings, the process will be completed

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Why did you choose Wondershare Repairit

Here are some important features and benefits of why you choose Wondershare Repairit

Features of Wondershare Repairit

1. Support every type of file: The wondershare Repairit tools support every type of file and also various devices such as MOV, MP4, M4V,3G2,3GP, WMV, ASF, And FLV files in the windows version and MP4, MOV, M4V, AVI, and FLV files for the MAC version.

2. Video preview available: One of the best features of wondershare Repairit tools is video preview. Before exporting the file, the user can enjoy a video preview by clicking on the play button after it is repaired.

3. No limitations to use: There were no limitations of these tools, and it is just great for all professional people.

4. auto-update: Sometimes, the software is updated automatically while users can use it smoothly for the latest version.

Pros of Wondershare Repairit

1. Support all kinds and videos and images for every device

2. Performs are pretty well

3. Lightweight software service available

4. Advanced fix photo repair mode

5. Fast repair corrupted photos and videos

6. Pricing plans are very flexible.


Photos carry precious memories and valuable information. By digitalization, we get such benefits as well as creates some problems. We may lose our photos while transferring data, working with images and other editing activities, etc. and feels very depressed and don’t know how to fix corrupted images. So, if it happens, we can fix corrupted photos and use a popular photo repair software tool to repair corrupted images to enhance their quality and recover it with maximum effort.

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