February 9, 2022

Technology is the backbone of the modern business. You’d be hard-pressed to find a business of any size that does not rely on computing for some essential part of their operation, and the larger the business, the more crucial their IT infrastructure. As a business leader yourself, you may be worried that your business isn’t keeping up with tech in the way it should. Here are some key indicators that your IT department may be in need of investment – whether in the form of employees or infrastructure.

Constant IT Emergencies

Persistent system outages, server downtime and computer issues are incredibly frustrating to deal with, and the most common indicator that you need to be investing in your company’s IT infrastructure. Whether or not your business has a crucial online component, almost all of your back-end processes will rely on IT in order to keep your business running – from spreadsheeting and payroll software to complex internal servers hosting websites and cloud data. Older equipment is less suited to keeping pace with modern business requirements, so if your servers are creaking along or frequently crashing out, you’ll be wanting to invest in new infrastructure.

Output Doesn’t Match Infrastructure

Speaking of older infrastructure, outages and potential emergencies are not the only way in which underfunded IT solutions can affect your business’ performance. Old equipment and struggling IT departments can directly affect your output. As an example, your business might have grown in size, and outpaced the two or three servers you use to maintain active websites and intranets. These servers may have suffered slowdown over time, or their spec may have been significantly outdated – making accessing important information and assets frustrating for your staff and making your websites sluggish to use.

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Your Staff Are Struggling to Work Effectively

You might find that your staff cohort’s performance is being compromised by your business’ tech; new business demands, and the steady pace of technological innovation can lead to a disparity between your business’ needs and your IT capabilities. As such, your staff – specifically your IT department – need access to the right computing components to ensure full functionality for each employee.

Of course, there is another side to this issue, which lies with staff suitability. Maybe your business’ needs have necessitated a move to a different kind of system architecture, or a scale up to a new form of technology – and this move has taken your existing IT staff out of their comfort zone when it comes to experience and training. The resulting reduction in efficacy can have serious knock-on effects on your business, such as repeated instances of downtime or slow roll-out of urgent updates. Investment in training or new staff can ensure your IT department runs efficiently, and your business can grow unimpeded by inexperience.

The above indicators do not represent all of the possible ways in which your business might display a need for an IT overhaul; ultimately, the decision is yours as a business leader to make. If you are concerned that your business’ IT needs are not currently met, you’re probably right!

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