August 12, 2021
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One of the ways to market your book is that you can create a book trailer. Many new and old self-publishing authors use this way to market their book as they create a book trailer and use different social media platforms, mostly YouTube, and this great cause marketing for their book.

However, many authors do not use excess professional video-making or editing software. Yet, in such cases, Microsoft is the best option to make your video. Believe me or not! Microsoft suite has helped to compose promotional material for many author blogs and books.

Today, ghostwriting services will give you a detailed procedure on making a book trailer with Microsoft PowerPoint while using free media resources virtual. Let’s dive into it.

Selecting a Professional Background:

Those who are new authors and use PowerPoint to create their videos do not use professional images that highlight and portray their book content. Instead, these authors use Microsoft backdrops.

It is okay to use an average background, but think that you are not writing a book for yourself. But you are writing a book so that others can appreciate how you write. Make sure that you use those professional backgrounds to tell the readers what they can expect from your book.

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Sources for professional images:

There are multiple sources from where you can download images. Still, I prefer that you only select those images for your book title, which are professional and have high definition, graphics, and pixels. The best sources for the professional image are Pixel and Pixabay.

Selecting the Image:

Both the websites told above have search features to help you browse for the background images. If you are choosing an image for your book trailer, then it is recommended that you select the horizontal images.

Once you identify the image you love, click on that particular image, and you will be directed to an image detail page. On the page, you will find information about who is the person who has uploaded that image and what type of sharing license it has.

Those photos marked with a CC0 or with a public domain license will have to choose those photos unless you have a paid subscription to those sites or other photo sharing sites.

Making a Book Trailer:

Starting and Setting the Background Images:

Now the time has arrived to make your book trailer, open your Microsoft PowerPoint. Click on the present titles and subtitles on the border on your title slide, and then delete that key.

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Let’s add the textbox(es) now that we’ve uploaded our fantastic background image! Click on the Design tab, then click on the background button. Your book description will be written in the text boxes on each slide. It’s easier to get started if you have your book description stored in a Word document.

Insert Textboxes:

Each textbook will have one sentence phrase (up to the comma) or one full sentence. If your phrases are longer, I recommend separating each phrase into its textbox. For the trailer for Speak Your Mind, I separated each sentence into its textbox.

Each textbook will have one sentence phrase (up to the comma) or one full sentence. If your phrases are longer, I recommend separating each phrase into its textbox. For the trailer for Speak Your Mind, I separated each sentence into its textbox.

Click the Insert tab on the ribbon, then the Textbox button to add a textbox. Then, using the background image below as a guide, design your textbox. Click a region on the screen and drag the mouse outward to create the textbox. Release the left mouse clicker, or your pressure on the trackpad, once it’s large enough for you.

After that, paste the first phrase or sentence of your book description into the textbox. The font color, style, and size can then be changed as desired.

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Try to keep each slide to one or two whole phrases. When adding more slides, right-click the first one and select Duplicate Slide from the drop-down menu. As mentioned by book writing team this will give you an exact similar to the first slide, which you can edit to add the following few words to your book description.

Highlight the Book:

The time has come to add some color to the book! Insert a new slide with a different background after you’ve completed adding the book description. After adding the new background picture, return to the Insert tab and select the Pictures button. Select your Book Cover image from the location where it was saved.

Drag the slide’s cover image to the desired location. Insert a new textbox after that. Put whatever promotional message you’d like in this textbox. Because I prepared this book trailer for the release of Speak Your Mind, I included the publication date and a link to where the book can be purchased.

Adding Transition, Animation, and Timing:

Woo! You’ve now finished the skeleton of your book trailer! It’s now time to add some transitions! Make sure the file is saved to your Book Trailers folder.

Click the expander on the options menu after clicking the Transitions tab on the ribbon. I propose sticking to one transition style throughout your presentation. Because the screen moves around so much, viewers will be distracted from reading your book description if you use many transitions.

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You’ll need to add Animations to your textboxes and Timings to your slides once you’ve chosen your slide transition.

Unless you want to accentuate the text for a more extended period, I recommend using a duration of 00.50 for animations on larger textboxes. Then you may use 1.00, as seen above.

I recommend a time of 02.00 for the slide and advancing the slide after 00:08.00. You can change the duration of these by heading to the Transitions tab and clicking on your textbox border. Make sure the On Mouse Click indication is unchecked, then pick to advance the slide after 00:08.00 (or whatever time you specify).

Previewing the Video:

Finally, the Duration and Advanced Slide After options will differ from video to video and are entirely up to you! Go to the Slideshow tab and click From Beginning to test your transitions, animations, and timings. The full PowerPoint will play through like a video if everything is done correctly.

Adding Music:

You can add your own song, or CC0 music as by going to the insert Tab, selecting an audio, and then selecting the song of your preference.

Saving the PowerPoint as a Video:

Finally, save your presentation as a video after you’re happy with how the slides are playing. To do so, go to File > Save As. Change the Save As the file type to either MPEG-4 Video or Windows Media Video in your Book Trailer folder.

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Your film should now be ready to share on YouTube, Facebook, Amazon’s Author Central, or any other video-sharing platform. Remember to link to your YouTube upload when sharing on GoodreaHow to make a book trailer with PowerPoint?

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