August 26, 2021
2 3 - How to score well in the ICSE Exams?


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The ICSE syllabus consists of numerous topics which helps in the overall development of students. Multiple chapters are present in the syllabus which enables conceptual knowledge among students which will help them to build their career. Completing the entire syllabus in the given time is difficult if regular practice is not done. Before the starting of the academic year, students are advised to go through the syllabus designed by the ICSE board.

It will help students to understand the concepts and marks weightage based on the exam pattern. Students should choose the right study material to perform well in the annual exam. For important subjects like Science and Mathematics, students can refer to the ML Aggarwal Solutions designed by the highly experienced faculty. The solutions have answers to all the questions present in the latest textbook prescribed by the ICSE board.

So by regular practice of the concepts, students will be able to obtain a grip on the important chapters. Numericals, formulas and important theorems are discussed in the solutions in a simple and understandable language to help students to grasp them effectively.

Tips to scoring good marks in the exam –

1. Understand the syllabus

Students should first understand the syllabus designed by the ICSE board for the academic year. By doing this, it will be able to understand the topics which are important from the exam perspective. It will also help students to learn important concepts based on the marks weightage designed in the syllabus.

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2. Choose the right study material

For the ICSE students, choosing the right study material plays an important role in scoring good marks. Among the various study materials available in the current education market, selecting the right one requires a lot of patience and understanding. Students must select the study material which is updated regularly as per the changes done in the syllabus by the ICSE board.

3. Complete the chapters on time

Students should complete the chapters present in the textbook a month prior to the annual exam. By doing this, lots of time will be available for revision and learning of the important concepts. This will help students to memorize the chapters and go through them frequently in order to score well in the annual exam.

4. Solve previous year question papers

The previous year question papers should be solved by the students in order to understand the concepts which are important for the exam. It will help students to get a clear idea about the marks allotted for each concept. Students will understand the frequently asked questions in the exam and work on them for a better result.

By following these tips, students will be able to score good marks in the annual exam. Students can also make use of the Selina Solutions available online while solving the problems from the textbook.

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