September 1, 2021
How to see message requests on Instagram

Instagram is not quite a chitty chat app. However, many people still use it for casual chatting. People you follow on Instagram can send you direct messages shortly called DMs any time. But, the Instagram users you don’t follow can also send you messages, but not like regular messages these will appear in a separate box called message requests. Or also called direct messages.

Keep on reading this blog and I will tell you how you can see message requests on Instagram.

These message requests are sent for many reasons. Let’s say an old fellow wants to connect with you again. Or someone might get inspired by your profile and wants to know about you more. So, many times people don’t get the message requests because they are sent directly into another box. This happens mostly with the people that are not familiar with the Instagram app. Or don’t use it on a regular basis.

This article will help you find message requests on Instagram. Now let us say you got a text message from somebody and that person is not in your followers. These types of text messages will end up in a separate box that is not included in the regular text messages.

Now if you go to your regular direct messages you won’t find any message like this in your followers that’s why we have got you covered on this topic where you may find these text messages.

On What kind of devices this will get applied to 

You can easily app these settings on many devices having Instagram apps, let’s say Android phones, smartphones also these input-output operating devices like iPhone and some others.

How would you see these message requests and how you can manage them?

First, go to your Instagram account. Now on the Instagram feed here you would select arrows that you may find in the top right corner. This way it will display all of the direct messages. Now we have this arrow that might have this red icon on it for indicating. Now all the messages that your Instagram followers have sent you to date will appear here. If someone that is not in your followers sends you a message this arrow will not get red, it will remain white.

As we have told you already, yes these message requests will appear on the right side under the search bar.

Here you would click on the request text option, you will click here and you will find all the message requests that you have got to date.


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Now when you click on this you would find messages.

Now it is your choice if you want to accept the message, delete it or even block it. These options you will choose according to your need. Message requests can’t be marked seen after seeing them you have to accept them only then they will be marked seen. 

now click on the accept option for responding to the text messages. Now if you click on the decline option messages will be got to disappear.

If you click on the block option you may ignore these messages for this you might block or even report these users. If these text messages are violating any personal space, or using abusive language you can block these users anytime. Also, you can go for ignore option where even if they send you any text you will not be get notified. This way you can access these chats any time from other people’s profiles.

How you would find these message requests on the app

First, I launched the Instagram app.

Now go to the home feed you will find in the upper corner and from there click on these message icons these might appear in the shape of the aeroplane.

Here from these home feeds, you may find them in the upper right corner and there you will click on these messages icon. But when you go to the primary messages you will again click on the upper right corner that you may find these requests both in blue and you can also see several requests in front of you.

Now go to the bar and then click on that. Here you will get all of your message requests.

Some might not appear to you at this moment, so you will click on the request option called “top requests”. Now click on the all request option and here you will find these messages requests all old and new.

Now this way you may go to Instagram anytime you want.


In this article, we have almost explained all the possibilities that you might encounter while finding your message requests. All of this information would be useful and must be solid for you. Give a thorough read to this article and here you would come to know about each step you want. Note: message request option is not much visible, maybe this was set up like that so that it might not interfere with your other things. Also, for finding them you have to do a little extra effort as described in the article.

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