August 25, 2022

Bridal showers are exciting to plan. But, a lot of times – people stick to the ideas that have become so redundant. As everyone is going along with the same decor ideas that they see on Pinterest. So, to shake things up – you can try to host a lemon-themed bridal shower this season.

Well, how are you going to do it? Here are some great ideas for hosting a lemon-themed bridal shower.

Invitations first!

People spend hundreds of dollars on their bridal shower decor but they forget the most important thing…. Bridal shower invitations. You ask why? Well, when you arrange invitations that go with the theme of your event, it sets the tone for the whole event.

Now, you can easily find cute lemon themes bridal shower invitations if you search for bridal shower invites online. Adding these little details will elevate the whole vibe of your event.

Lots of lemonade

Well, you cannot forget to include lemonade in your lemon-themed bridal shower, can you? So, you can have a little counter to serve all sorts of lemonade. On top of that, if you want to make it DIY – provide your guests with the ingredients and a lemonade base. And let them come up with their own lemonade renditions.

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Lemon for guest names

Holding an intimate bridal shower event gives you the leverage to set the table how you want. You can arrange the guest lists and place their names where you will like the guests to sit. So, to add another layer to your lemon-shaped bridal shower event – you can use lemons as place cards and attach the name of the guest on them using a thump pin. It will look super cute and make up for great photos. But, make sure that your lemons look great. So, go for a special shopping trip to hunt for lemons that look the best (and taste too).

Order a lemon cake

You can never have too much lemon in your desserts. Therefore, for your lemon-themed bridal shower – you can serve your guests lemon cake. It will look great with the decor and your guest will surely enjoy the refreshing taste – as it will be something different from what people generally serve at their parties.

Lemon themed menu 

We think you are getting the point now – try to incorporate as much lemon as you can in your menu. But, make sure the things taste good too. You can be on the safe side and include a bunch of other items as well to serve someone who will not enjoy lemon as much. Remember the point is to host a fun event and not just overload everything with lemons. As people often quote “excess of everything is bad” – so keep a balance.

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Decor ideas

The lemon-themed decor can be a hit or miss. It really depends on how you take things forward. So, before you go on and book the decor – try to be cognizant of the color that you choose. Do not go with a really bright yellow. And if you are going with a bright yellow – balance it out with white (or any other color).

Bottom line

Lemon-themed bridal shower can turn out to be a successful event if you put in th effort. However, make sure that the venue compliments the settings and you book a daytime venue. The ideal venue and the perfect sunlight will elevate the whole look of the event. On top of that, you can get the most exquisite and Instagram-worthy shots with the help of the sunlight! (so its a win-win situation).

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