August 12, 2021

A fuel credit card emphasizes your fuel savings. So, if you own a private car, you might want to own a fuel credit card for greater savings. These cards have become all the more relevant with the recent hike in fuel prices. Cards like the Bajaj Finserv RBL Bank SuperCard offer you attractive fuel surcharge waivers, cashbacks and discounts.

 Certain cards also offer you exclusive perks that enable you to save on groceries, lifestyle products and more. However, there are certain points that you must remember while choosing the best fuel card in India.

Must-Remember Points While Choosing a Fuel Credit Card

There are certain things that you should look for in a card. If you are unsure about these, do not hesitate to contact the customer care executives for clarity.

  • Spend Limit:

    Ideally, a fuel credit card should not come with spending limits, because travelling is a choice. Indeed, some cards like the HDFC Bharat Cashback Card do not come with spending limits. However, the spending limits on other cards are so reasonable that you would not mind having them around. Most limits hover around the Rs. 500-750 range, which you are likely to exceed. Shift your focus rather on the maximum cashback you can earn in a month. Favour the card that has a more generous cap.

  •  Annual Fee:

    Make sure that the annual fee that is charged for the card is reasonable. You can go for a seemingly expensive card if you think you will make it up by utilizing the relevant perks offered by the bank. While calculating the savings, make sure the card can be used at your favourite shopping outlets or e-retail stores.

  •  Savings:

    Calculate the savings you are going to make by opting for a fuel credit card. If it weighs well against the annual fee that is quoted by the card provider, go for it. Do not forget to take into consideration the average kilometres you cover on your vehicle every month while making calculations.

  • Redemption:

    The redemption conditions on a credit card should be flexible. You chose the card because you feel you can make significant savings on travel. However, you should be free to redeem the points you earned on fuel purchase anywhere you like. Make sure that the card offers a flexible redemption scheme on major online stores. You should not miss out on savings if you are not travelling. This point is especially relevant since travelling is restricted due to the pandemic.

  • Waivers:

    Make sure that your fuel credit card offers relevant waivers when a surcharge is applied to the fuel price. Generally, these cards offer a flat 1% off on surcharges, which is a good enough deal.

  • Tie-ups:

    You should make sure that your fuel credit card has tie-ups with the fuel stations you visit. Sometimes, these tie-ups are made self-explanatory through the name of the card, e.g. the Indian Oil Axis Bank Credit Card. Consider if you frequent these fuel stations enough to make any significant savings on your refills.

Advantages Of Fuel Credit Cards

With many banks and monetary organizations offering Visas, the advantages that accompany Fuel Credit cards vary. Aside from bringing the costs with respects down to buying fuel, some different advantages that accompany Fuel Credit cards are as per the following:

  • Get Reward Points
  • Recovery of focuses procured
  • Qualified for Cashback
  • Qualified for Surcharge Waiver
  • Feasting offers
  • BookMyShow Offer
  • Qualified for Turbo Points
  • Waiver of Annual Fees
  • Can make service charge installments
  • Qualified for Telecom benefits
  • Attendant Service

Apply For a Fuel Credit Card

Applying for a fuel credit card is easy once you have carefully chosen your preferred card. The best way to go about this is by choosing a card that has the best combination of benefits. While your focus is on fuel savings, you must not miss out on more attractive deals.

The best credit card in India should be a versatile card that offers low or zero interest on EMIs, cash advancement, emergency loans against credit limit etc. Read the terms and documents carefully to have a better understanding of the card.

Above all, nobody wants to own several credit cards because managing them is a new struggle altogether. Keeping everything in mind, the Bajaj Finserv RBL Bank SuperCard is a wise choice for its diverse benefits. You can apply for the card online, and avail discounts, cashback offers and fuel surcharge waivers, among other advantages.


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