August 23, 2021
Interesting Apps That Will Help You In Completing Your Tasks

For some people, pens and books can accompany their daily work well, while others may need a

useful checklist to support their daily work. Whether you are a hard-working entrepreneur who

should handle multiple members, an independent with a small number of customers, or anyone

who loves organizing anything of lifestyles, you get a list of applications for you. In this article,

you will come to know the most interesting applications that  will help you complete your tasks

on time.

How To Complete Your Tasks On Time – The s You Will Love Using It 


  • Todoist

Todoist is a popular daily check-in app that is perfect for professional or personal tasks or two —

you can add symbols and colors to divide your work from home and family-related work. The

app will help classify your tasks and organize them according to your priorities, whether you are

on your phone or on your computer. You can set many priorities, follow a timeline, etc. to stay

active throughout the day. The interesting fact about the application is that it not only allows

you to see the work of the day, but also the work you want to finish in the next month or week,

thus motivating you to achieve your goals. The Todoist feature is similar to Gmail – all you have

to do is add something to your to-do list, add a small task or favorite icon. It is easy to move to

another task one day or schedule it later.


  • Any do
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In terms of performance management and convenient design, can be one of the best daily

to-do list applications. It allows you to use drag and drop functions to change order or priority,

swipe functions to mark them perfectly, and add functions by voice command. To identify an

object or aspect of life, use an essay or an article. Functions like deleting work from the phone

provides the list app to do a nice modern and pleasant effect. also offers great reminders.

In addition, assists you in planning your day by reviewing your work and then letting

you know when is the right time to complete it. is also an irreplaceable feature as a

calendar application, it can be linked to your Google Calendar, Outlook, iCloud or any calendar. In

addition to all that has been said, this great sample app can detect unanswered calls and let you



  • Microsoft To Do

Microsoft Do is an easy-to-do listing application that allows you to organize everything — whether

it’s organizing a shopping list, a must-see movie, planning a trip, or working on your project.

You can use # 1, # 2, # 3 or #urgent, #medium, #low and other tags to manage needs, and then

customize the function accordingly for you. This listing application is simple, mainly for

personal use rather than teamwork. If you are a Microsoft home manager, Microsoft To Do is also

a reasonable choice for a listing application. You can download and synchronize services from

other Microsoft applications, and you can modify Outlook Emails to become a service.


  • Omni Focus

Omni Focus is a flexible listing application, even for complex and unstructured organization

systems. This tool allows you to set up mainly three types of tasks and view them in six default

settings, allows you to customize tasks based on tags, due date, specific rules, etc. View and other

options available in Pro version. This application displays many tasks. Omni Focus is not a simple

to-do list application — this rich application can meet even the most demanding organizational

needs. For advanced users as well as those with special time management needs, it is definitely

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one of the best daily to do list applications. The app offers a deep dash across all Apple devices,

making sure you don’t miss the last time.


  • Tick Tick 

Like most day-to-day and weekly checkups, Tick Tick lets you add daily, weekly or monthly

activity, small tasks, reminders, appropriate dates and recurring tasks. One of the best features

of the application  is that it allows you to choose from five different calendar views and see which

one interests you the most. Implementing Tick Tick is easy, using not only text but also voice

commands in the widget. You can turn your email into a to-do list! This simple and great daily

survey app allows you to post work and share others with checklists.


  • Google Keep

If you don’t want the bells and whistles of a complex task manager, Google Keep provides a simple

and straightforward way to organize your life especially companies like @Cortech can take

advantage of it. With the free to-do list app, you can save content directly to your notes, add

images or voice notes, and then share, for example, shopping lists with your contacts (or compare

them) to view the most popular. You can add reminders to any note, and you can also choose to

receive reminders at home, at work, or elsewhere.


  • Bear App

The Bear app is a beautiful app that takes notes that mix the app list to do. It allows you to create a

to-do list, create a to-do list add detailed information to your work and take multiple notes. IOS

users (with limited features) can benefit from importing content into the Bear app, for example,

share content from other apps, capture web pages, drag and drop on other apps, and adding by

telling Apple Watch your speech. The professional style of the Bear app also offers a lot of beautiful

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  • Habitica

Habitica is an application that develops action and to-do lists on a daily basis. It turns the list into

tasks to be a game to play and allows you to get the key by achieving your goals. This app is a great

app for those who love designing and organizing boring life. Why not turn all this into a game? The

app is similar to the game from the beginning, you have to create your own avatar. Then you can

choose from activities that have already started such as “Eat small junk food” and “five minutes of

quiet breathing” or add your own activity. When viewing the service, your character will gain a

health or basic experience, as well as some valuable gems and gold coins in this process. If you

fail or neglect your job, you will lose energy and health.

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