September 27, 2021
klaus schwab net worth how affluent is the economist 65702 - Klaus Schwab Net Worth: How Affluent is the Economist?

Klaus Martin Schwab is a German engineer and economist best known as the World Economic Forum’s founder and executive chairman. Hilde Schwab, his wife, and he co-founded the Schwab Foundation for Social Entrepreneurship. As of 2021, Klaus Schwab has an estimated net worth of $1 million.

Klaus Schwab Early Life & Education

Schwab received his high school diploma from Ravensburg’s Humanistisches Gymnasium.

Schwab earned a mechanical engineering degree from ETH Zurich in 1961, followed by a doctorate in Engineering from ETH Zurich, a doctorate in Economics from the University of Fribourg, and a Master of Public Administration degree from Harvard University’s John F. Kennedy School of Government.

While at Harvard, Schwab began what he refers to as Henry Kissinger’s “50-year-long tutelage.”

Klaus Schwab Net Worth & Career

From 1972 until 2003, Schwab was a professor of business policy at the University of Geneva, where he is now an Honorary Professor. Since 1979, he has released the Global Competitiveness Assessment, an annual report authored by a team of economists that assesses the possibilities for enhancing productivity and economic growth in nations throughout the world. The study is based on a methodology created by Schwab that measures competitiveness not just in terms of productivity but also in terms of sustainability.

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He has written or co-written a number of publications, including The Fourth Industrial Revolution (2016), Shaping the Fourth Industrial Revolution, COVID-19: The Great Reset, and Stakeholder Capitalism. From these publications Schwab received a significant increase in his net worth.

Earlier in his career, he served on the boards of many companies, including The Swatch Group, The Daily Mail Group, and Vontobel Holding. He was a member of the Bilderberg Group’s steering committee in the past.

Klaus Schwab Net Worth

As of 2021, Klaus Schwab has an estimated net worth of $1 million.


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