August 5, 2021
Clubhouse Clone

When Clubhouse was launched in the market as an audio-based social app, all of us had several questions in our minds? Will it be as successful as other social media apps? How are people going to accept it? And many more questions. Clubhouse answered all our questions through its success. 

Ever since the beginning of 2021, it has become more popular than ever. Moreover, it has created a buzz among people, which anticipated them to participate in the app. Initially, it was started as an invite-only app. But now, after gaining momentous recognition, it has been announced that people no longer need any invites to join the app. 

How to develop an audio-based social app like Clubhouse?

Audio-based social media apps have been in existence for a long time. But it was only after Clubhouse; the audio-based apps market went on to reach high recognition. The influence of Clubhouse has led several entrepreneurs to launch their own audio-based apps like Clubhouse. Spotify’s Greenroom is one such example. 

The Clubhouse clone is an alternative developed with the same distinctive features as the standard app. Developing an app like Clubhouse is not an easy task; you have to devote your time to developing a perfect plan and sketch for the same. We have listed down the necessary steps to follow to develop a perfect clubhouse clone script. 

  • Conduct periodic research 

Research your market and competitors to understand what they actually need. People are already used to several audio-based apps, so in what way you stand unique from them is what matters. For that, you need to understand the market. So, conduct frequent research in the market to analyze the trends and strategies of the market.

  • Decide the business model for your app

When you start working on your Clubhouse app clone development, finalize your business model. A sound business model is essential for an app to operate with a goal. This will also define your ways to generate revenue with your app. 

  • Design your app 

Once the business model is ready, you can proceed with the design of your app. An intuitive design will invite more users to your app. So, go with strong colors that will appeal to the users. After that, proceed with listing down the features of your app. At the initial stage of your app development, it is better to go with the MVP features. List down the essential features for your app before proceeding to the developers. 

  • Hire the best developers 

This is the stage where your ideas are going to reflect in the app. You can start approaching app development companies that are experts in developing audio-based social apps. However, we suggest you go with ready-made clone apps to initiate your Clubhouse clone. These apps are ready to launch and are cost-effective. With these apps, you can eye for a quick launch in the market. 

Clubhouse Clone App

Notable features to include in your Clubhouse clone app

When you develop your Clubhouse clone, ensure to provide the following features, 

  • Profile management 

The profile will contain a picture of the users along with a description of themselves. It will list the dates on which they have joined the app and their nominee. The users can include their links in the bio for others to visit their website or Youtube channel. Moreover, the users can edit their profile whenever they want. 

  • Room

A Room in a clubhouse clone is a forum where discussions take place. Users can create rooms to discuss their favorite topics. Whenever the discussions are going on, other users can participate in them. 

  • Clubs 

People with common interests or like-minded thoughts can create or join clubs based on their interests. In these clubs, the members can organize their discussions in private rooms only with their own club members. 

  • Sharing 

The Clubhouse clone being a Social media, it is necessary to allow the users to share their rooms with others via social media. This will increase your user base and popularity among other existing apps. 

What is the budget for Clubhouse clone app development?

The cost of developing a Clubhouse clone depends on several factors. When it comes to app development, there are no fixed upfront costs. You will be paying for things that you opt to include in your app. For example, the features, customization standards, design, and app platform you choose will have an impact on the total cost. 

Apart from this, the technology stacks used, the total hours spent by the developers in developing the app features, and additional technical support will also add to the total cost. 

Wrapping Up,

Audio-based social media apps are slowly modifying our regular social media activities. The Clubhouse clone app can seek entrepreneurs a unique position in the audio-based apps market. 

Audio based social media apps are marching to secure the position of social media apps. It is no wonder if we say it is the future of social media. Investing in a Clubhouse clone will be a great option for you to enter the audio-based social media apps.

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