September 2, 2021

Growing firms are always developing, and their internal procedures are being honed to perfection to provide efficiency and production. Because of the scale of the operations and the originality involved, these businesses cannot develop using pre-made software. As a result, custom software development is the ideal option for expanding startups and enterprises.

According to Statistics, corporate software investment in 2021 is expected to be close to $506 billion. Custom software development equips a company with improved and personalized solutions for activities such as accounting, human resource management, supply chain management, and much more.

When comparing bespoke software to off-the-shelf software solutions, custom software gives the firm an advantage in terms of flexibility and unique features. Off-the-shelf software packages, on the other hand, are designed with a worldwide audience in mind, leaving limited space for customization for a firm and affecting productivity.

About Codeigniter:

Codeigniter is a robust PHP framework that is ideal for web development tasks. Codeigniter can create full-fledged web apps thanks to its toolkit’s contemporary and up-to-date capabilities. The Codeigniter PHP framework is presently utilized by almost 5,29,398 websites. The figure is quickly increasing, thanks to the lightweight Codeigniter web framework.

One of the most significant benefits of Codeigniter is that it allows developers to work with it without relying on the MVC development paradigm, as well as the option of easily integrating third-party plugins. This is why Codeigniter software development is quickly gaining popularity among developers. We give reasons why the Codeigniter framework may be the ideal solution for your custom website development needs.

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Codeigniter Popularity:

When compared to other PHP frameworks available, this framework has the quickest execution speed. Although Codeigniter executes functions exponentially, you may encounter scenarios in your project when things get sluggish. As a result, you may have difficulties with page loading time and poor website performance.

This implies it’s critical to conquer or prevent them to the point where things run as smoothly as they should. This is possible by following a few pointers, which have been provided below. Why not try these out about the Latest Codeigniter web development services?

Techniques for Improving the Performance of Your Codeigniter Website:

1.  Reduce the server’s response time.

The length of time it takes the server to reply to a browser request is referred to as server response time. The performance of Codeigniter optimization is clearly shown by a fast server response time. An excellent web hosting provider employs efficient ways to reduce server response time and improve overall website performance by utilizing fewer server resources.

2.  Get rid of any unnecessary libraries.

During the development process, it was discovered that not every library was necessary for the project. As a result, it is recommended that any libraries that are not required by the project be deleted. This will allow you to free up some server space. When you continue the process of eliminating libraries, you must be extremely cautious and guarantee that they are used up someplace else. You can remove all unneeded libraries while you intend to migrate to the host server.

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3.  Put all of the configurations in the config directory.

Instead of specifying configuration values in each and every function, establish a separate file. You may then save all of the configuration options in there. This phase will assist you in creating a website that performs very well in terms of Codeigniter performance. You may think it is a time-consuming process, but in the long term, you will discover that it allows you to save a significant amount of time.

4.  Make a library of frequently used functions.

You may better construct a library or helper by utilizing reusable functions to spare yourself from having to go through repeated code to do the same thing over and again.

For example, if you need to check the user’s authentication, instead of sending them to the login page after confirming their validity for each function, you should create a login check() function. For authentication, such a function may be written in the library. When it comes time to verify the authorization, you can simply call it.

5.  Remember to utilize Autoload.

You should use Autoload as much as feasible when it is necessary. Build the practice of using the $autoload array to load resources like helpers, libraries, and so on. However, you must be careful not to overuse this function since it can degrade the speed of your website. So keep it in mind and utilize it properly.

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6.  Use routes.php to redirect or remap URLs.

You may use wildcards or regex patterns with the $route array to remap a URL to a different destination. Rather than creating a function for each redirection, such a step will help you save resources and time.

7.  Compression of content

The majority of the time, big volume of material is put onto the website. For the same reason, it is critical to compress the material on the website so that you use less bandwidth. This will improve Codeigniter performance. In the instance of Codeigniter, you may accomplish so efficiently by setting the compressed output value in the config.php file to true.

8.  Use Loops properly:

You should use Autoload as much as feasible when it is necessary. Build the practice of using the $autoload array to load resources like helpers, libraries, and so on. However, you must be careful not to overuse this function since it can degrade the speed of your website. So keep it in mind and utilize it properly.

This implies that you must use extreme caution while evaluating loops, particularly those that are nested. If you don’t do that, you’ll wind up with worse difficulties. This implies that you should take your time learning about the costly loops so that you don’t wind up spending time addressing bulky mistakes. In this method, you will be able to run the website properly.

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Why is Codeigniter the best option?

·    Utilization Ease:

The open-source framework is the most significant advantage of using Codeigniter for software development. This enables developers to create extremely adaptable apps while leaving plenty of room for future expansion. The CI framework development process entails the on-demand availability of multiple libraries of code that may be reused to improve productivity, resulting in the construction of a faster, more dependable website and online application for the business.

·    Less code is required.

One of the most common reasons for the Codeigniter framework’s popularity among web developers is its coding efficiency. This is feasible because it allows you to incorporate numerous third-party plugins while creating the code. This saves the developer from having to write code for every little function. While as a business, it reduces the likelihood of faults and errors in the future.

·    Framework based on Model-perspective-Controller

The Codeigniter MVC framework accelerates the development process while ensuring that the website performs well. When a user asks for information from the website’s servers using the MVC framework, the controller is the first to respond. If the request is legitimate, the controller retrieves and generates the necessary data for the user while adhering to a highly secure safety procedure to protect the user’s privacy.

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·    Build on Search Engine Optimization

There was a time when site creation had nothing to do with marketing. But as competition for better positions in search engine results has increased, it has been essential to pay attention to SEO. As a result, the Codeigniter framework is studded with code libraries that help in the SEO process of your website. It may also be utilized with SEO plugins during development due to its extremely customizable nature.

·    Encryption and security

Because PHP is a backend language that constantly works with data, keeping the data secure and encrypted is one of the top considerations while creating a website. Cross-site scripting (XSS) is a big problem for developers. Codeigniter includes a specific XSS filtering security mechanism to address this. This prevents dangerous JavaScript code from being injected or cookies from being hijacked.

·    Bringing it all together

So here we are with a piece that discusses the guidelines you should keep in mind when doing Codeigniter web development. Furthermore, Codeigniter has a sizable community behind it. This means that if you need assistance from Codeigniter developers or need to use third-party libraries or plugins, you can obtain it fast from here. Everything combined -will assist you in developing online solutions that are both visually appealing and functionally sound.

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