August 20, 2021
learn more about an ear infection its symptoms and how it is treated 20898 - Learn More About an Ear Infection, Its Symptoms and How It Is Treated

Generally, ear infections can be very painful for adults and also for children who have small ears. Therefore, if you or your child is suffering from an ear infection, you are advised to seek medical help before developing further complications. That is why Marrero, LA, facial surgeons offer quality services for all nose, ear, and throat conditions. The care providers also have an on-site testing facility for accurate and faster diagnosis.

What Is an Ear Infection?

It is a painful condition caused by bacteria breeding in the ear resulting in a buildup of fluid. It is an infection that is more common in children since they have small ears. The small ears make it easier for bacteria to multiply in them and cause fluid accumulation. In most cases, you or your child will suffer from an ear infection if you are suffering from a respiratory tract infection like sinusitis or cold. And when there is inflammation in the middle ear, it makes the condition painful. The inflammation, therefore, causes fluid accommodation behind your eardrum. Similarly, pain can also result from swelling of your eustachian tubes, which are tubes or channels that connect the back of your nose with your middle ear.

What Are the Symptoms of an Ear Infection?

Typically the most obvious and common symptom of ear infections is pain. However, your child may experience other signs of an ear infection, including fever, headache, trouble sleeping, crying, and fussing. Pain due to Anwar infection usually worsens when you or your kid is lying down. You might also note that there is fluid coming out of the affected ear when you are lying down. Additionally, one can also have some hearing problems and eventually experience hearing loss.

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How Are Ear Infections Treated?

You are always advised that if your ear infection is not causing you much trouble, it is best you allow it to heal on its own. But you can use over-the-counter medications to help alleviate mild pain. However, if the ear infection is not improving or keeps becoming severe, you may need numbing drops or prescription medication. And if the condition is causing fever, you may require some antibiotics. If your child’s ear infection is recurrent, also referred to as chronic otitis media or fluid accumulation remains after the infection is over, their ears need to be drained. The board-certified surgeons in the facility are experienced to drain ears with otitis media with effusion using an outpatient procedure known as myringotomy.

How Does a Myringotomy Help With an Ear Infection?

The surgeon starts by making a tiny hole in your eardrum to help him drain the fluid from your middle ear. He then inserts a small tube referred to as a tympanostomy tube through the hole to allow air to get into the middle ear and prevent the buildup of fluid once more. Therefore your child may have temporary tubes that will be required to stay for up to a year before they fall out. Or they might also need the tubes to stay longer and be surgically removed after they have healed, and after the tube is out, the eardrum normally closes back on its own.

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Therefore, if you are concerned about you or your child having an ear infection, call or visit the ENT of New Orleans today.

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