January 19, 2022

At its most basic level, gifola access control manages who and when accesses an area. The individual entering may be a worker, a contractor, or a guest, and they could be walking, driving, or using another method of transportation. A site, a structure, a room, or a cabinet might be the spot they’re entering.

To distinguish it from access control that restricts individuals from accessing virtual areas – such as when login onto a computer network – they often refer to it as physical access control. Although one of its essential functions is to improve security, a physical access control system may also provide a variety of additional advantages.

When speaking about a physical gifola access control system, they commonly refer to an electronic security system. To authorize someone to enter specified places, they usually utilize an identification such as an access card. They may also give vital data to help you monitor your facilities and sites since they can register who accessed where and when.

Instead of employing keys, why doesn’t deploying such an access control system?

Mechanical keys are the most basic physical access control by many smaller businesses. Even for a small business, mechanical keys have various problems and restrictions – particularly as a firm becomes more prominent. The following are only a few of the issues that might arise while employing keys.

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People misplace their keys.

If a key is lost, you must change the lock to ensure that you cannot use the lost key. Then you’ll need to give out new keys to everybody who needs to use that door.

There is no audit trail with keys.

You can’t see whether and when someone has used a key; therefore, you have no idea who or when they entered.

It’s tough to keep track of keys.

If someone has to access a lot of different buildings and rooms, they’ll require a lot of keys, which are cumbersome to carry about and utilize. It might be tough to remember which key goes with which door, but labeling them poses too much security concern.

Security measures and control

To eliminate the problems of mechanical keys while getting greater control, a digital access control system may be the best option for you.

It will be able to:

Who has access to what?

On the other hand, visitors and contractors should report to the reception desk upon arrival.

Which doors are open to them?

You may only want specific individuals to be able to access particular regions. For example, you could only want technicians in your laboratories.

When are they able to acquire access?

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Contractors and subordinate employees may only be permitted to enter the facility during their regular shifts, while senior employees may do so at any time.

What requirements do they have to meet to get access?

A sound access control system allows you to define these settings for each user, which provides you with even more control. You may also change them fast and anytime you need to.

It will also show you who has accessed what and when making it simpler to discover who may have in an event.

Access control solutions have a range of IDs.

In access control systems, access cards are still the most frequent identification. You show your card to a reader and are permitted to access requirements contained in the system.

However, there are alternatives to cards, some of which provide superior degrees of protection.

The following are the essential ways of identification:

  • Each identification technique has advantages and disadvantages; thus, choosing the approach depends on the scenario. For example, you may use one strategy for exterior doors and another for inside doors.
  • You may also strengthen your security by combining two ways of identification. It to as verification; you use the first technique to identify yourself and confirm who you say you are. For example, in a room containing precious items, you may require visitors to identify themselves using their access card, then provide a PIN or display their fingerprint for verification.
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Integrate to increase efficiency.

Various departments are frequently engaged when determining who has access to what. HR, facilities management, and IT, as well as security, are all examples of this. Often, each of these departments has a system that runs separately. However, this is inefficient and may lead to blunders that pose serious security threats. Should coordinate all systems for maximum security and efficiency.

A web-based access management system

The world’s first software-based visitor management system, AEOS, was created by Nedap. It’s controlled and monitored using a web-based dashboard, which you may access from anywhere. You may expand the capability of your system by selecting more choices from their access control software.

Because AEOS on open standards may work with various technologies, such as video surveillance and biometric readers, it also can expand quickly, allowing you to customize your access control system to meet your needs.

AEOS security from beginning to conclusion

They have just added end-to-end security to AEOS to defend it from hackers. To establish secure communication between all aspects of the system, it combines the newest IT concepts of encryption and robust authentication. Gifola access control system that lacks this level of security may become the weakest link in your network, allowing outsiders to access important assets like corporate data.

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