August 17, 2021

We all know how much of a role good packaging plays in our sales and marketing. If the packaging looks promising, we do not have to worry about a thing. The first instinct of a customer would be to examine our product and to give it a try. In this way, our brand would also get advertised.

Well, it was as simple as that a few years ago. But now, customers judge the packaging nature. A few years back, if we would use a plastic packaging box, it would not be a big deal. But nowadays, no matter how elegant your non-organic packaging looks, it would stay on the store shelf. And we all know the reason.

These days to find the best packaging, we would have to consider cost, material’s nature, size, and much more. And do you know what to do when you feel confused about the packaging material? Well, use an eco-friendly box. It is as simple as that. Organic packages are cost-effective, sturdy, and definitely sustainable. But there’s a misconception going around the world. It says that lip balm boxes are not eco-friendly. Every packaging box has different features, but what makes a lip balm box distinctive?

If you are curious, then keep reading. In this article, we would be discussing how organic packaging boxes are bringing change to our business. And would also be discussing how to make our box 100% organic.

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What are the Advantages of having Sustainable Packaging?

Sustainable packaging has minimal or no effect on our climate. It lessens waste generation. It involves the sourcing, development, and use of material that leaves no carbon footprint.

Climate change has been a hot topic for a few years, and now people notice which brand is being responsible and which one is still using non-organic packaging.

These days if you want to sell your products, you must know the importance of having organic packaging.

Organic packaging boxes are mostly manufactured from recycled material. In this way, we save our time and effort while doing the bare minimum. Organic packaging is receiving popularity not only because of its nature but also because they are cost-effective.

Let us discuss some advantages of eco-friendly packaging.

  • It reduces carbon footprint.
  • We can save money, time, and effort.
  • It does not emit any harmful chemicals.
  • It helps us to impress our customers.

Eco-Friendly Material that Replaces Plastic:

We already discussed the advantages of organic boxes. But what should we use instead of plastic?

Let us discuss some organic packaging materials.

  • Cardboard and corrugated boxes are getting used for almost anything. Other than that, we can also use a paper board or kraft boxes.
  • Bubble wraps weigh to be non-organic. But we can use biodegradable bubble wraps and packaging peanuts that are climate-friendly.
  • You can also use recycled paper or newspapers.
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How to Make our  Eco-Friendly:

The very first thing to consider is whether we are using the right packaging material or not. Many brands these days have started to use cardboard boxes or paperboard boxes.

Now, if you are selling a fragile item, using a rigid box might be the perfect box to use. But what about other products? Let us take an example, what box should we use for our lip balm. These products are not too fragile but can get affected due to some factors.

Well, for such products, it is better to use a paperboard box or kraft box. Both of these boxes are organic, lightweight, and cost-effective. These boxes are not sturdier but are sturdy enough to protect the product inside, bearing the external pressure.

A lip balm does not have a large box, so we do not have to worry about packaging mold. But we can be creative and manufacture boxes in a way that it seems like the packaging has a mold. Be creative while designing your packaging box. You can also use your packaging box as a display. In this way, the product could be showcased professionally. To give a shiny and glossy look to your boxes, you can laminate them. Gloss and matte lamination gives a different effect and looks to your cases.

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A matte lamination makes the color appear bold, dark, and lusterless. And not gonna lie, matte lamination gives a luxurious look to your boxes. Many luxurious brands that sell costly items prefer to use matte lamination.

Meanwhile, gloss lamination gives a shiny look to the box. The color appears more fresh and crisp. And it also reflects the light. Many pharmaceutical companies prefer to use this lamination. If your product is sensitive to light or radiation, gloss lamination might be the best option out there.

Organic Displays for our Lip Balm Packages:

Display boxes are playing such a vital role in the market. But the thing to notice here is that many products require a square display box to be displayed. But for lip balm, we would have to custom-made a box.

Now the question is, how exactly should a display for lip balm look like? And what packaging material should we use?

Use a box that is sturdy and is organic. The case should display all the products while keeping each item in its place. Other than that, it should make the product visible. You can use any organic packaging material as long as it is customizable. Now sell your lip balm in organic packaging boxes and impress your customers.

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