February 23, 2022
Make every special occasion an unforgettable memory 38804 1 - Make every special occasion an unforgettable memory

Every occasion like a birthday, anniversary, or even just the start of something new is a memory you will cherish forever. As time passes, you may have the photos and you can relive the memories through stories but having a piece of that memory is priceless. That is why every occasion can be made better with a lovely piece of jewellery. The thought of gifting someone jewellery might seem like a cliché. But here is why it is a great idea.

Jewellery says you care

Nothing says you care about the other person like jewellery. It is the most expensive gift in terms of time, effort, and money. When you gift someone a beautiful set, it means you went through lots of gold pendant set designs and you found the one they would like and bought it. If you wish to take it a step further, you can get the jewellery personalized as well. Jewellery also means you know the person intimately and know the likes and dislikes enough to make a choice for them. There are many options in the market and if you get confused because of them, you can refer to a website, blog, or magazine to get an idea of what’s trending.

Jewellery is for life

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As the famous saying goes, “Diamonds are forever”. That goes for all jewellery! Unlike flowers, clothes, and any other gift, jewellery is sure to last a lifetime. It just needs to be polished or cleaned once in a while. Jewellery can be viewed as an investment as well. If you think you are unsure of what someone will like, you can always choose to gift them gold coins so that they can check the jewellery which they want and get it made. The long life of jewellery symbolizes the bond between you and the one to whom you are gifting.

Jewellery can capture moments and memories

A photo is a memory of where you were and what you did. Likewise, a piece of jewellery is a part of your history and what you shared with the person and represents your unique bond. If you are looking to buy jewellery for your wife, you cannot go wrong with the colour of love and a sparkling ruby or diamonds. If you are looking to gift your sister or mother jewellery then earrings, bracelets, bangles, pendants with a chain, are some of the gifts that are sure to be received well. The designs of these can be chosen based on simple moments that you may have shared. For example, if you gave your wife a rose on your first date, then you can look for a set that has a rose motif. This immortalizes that moment as well as the occasion you gift her the jewellery.

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Weddings and life-changing events

Indian weddings, engagements, festivals, are celebrations filled with colour, shine, and love. Jewellery has always been a part of the traditional culture and any life-changing event is marked with a piece of jewellery. Gold and silver are supposed to be the first jewellery that the baby wears. This is supposed to bring prosperity and wealth to the baby’s life. Likewise, there are many beliefs regarding certain jewellery. For example, the mark of a married woman is mangalsutra. This simple and elegant piece of jewellery changes the way a lady looks. The various options in the market have evolved to suit the taste of women and to cater to every event separately.

The plethora of choices available is one of the examples of how many chances you have to make every occasion special. An awe-inspiring gift in itself, jewellery helps you express what you cannot say in words.

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