November 3, 2021
jeg empty 2 - Newborn Checklist: Everything You Need Before You Bring Home Baby

Congrats, you’re having a baby! As exciting as it can be to know your new child will be here soon, there’s a lot to do. You can’t just take it easy until the baby arrives.

You need to spend months leading up to birth planning, preparing, and outfitting your home with everyone your newborn will need to survive. And it’s probably more than you think.

Luckily, our handy newborn checklist is available below, to ensure you don’t forget anything. Bringing home baby boys and girls from the hospital is one of the scariest moments that new parents have.

After all, the hospital is equipped with everything you need to care for your baby. Even nurses who can change and feed your newborn baby for you.

So in order to ensure a smooth transition from hospital to home, make sure you buy everything listed below well before the baby is set to arrive.


The thing that most parents are excited to shop for is baby clothes. To think you are about to have a cute little baby that you get to dress however you want is a dream come true.

But don’t just go out and buy clothing willy nilly. First, you want to know what gender your baby will be, so you can shop for more specific clothing items. Of course, you can always buy gender-neutral clothing as well, since newborns are generally just wearing onesies anyways.

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And consider the season in which your baby will be born. If it’s in the middle of summer, you won’t need as many long sleeves, or pairs of pants. Likewise, in the winter, your newborn won’t be in need of short sleeves, unless you live somewhere that’s warm year-round (lucky you).

You won’t know how big or small your baby will be until they are born. Some come out tiny, around six pounds, while others come out larger around 10 pounds.

Make sure to stock up on clothing sized for newborns, as well as clothing sized for 0-3 months.

What Baby Clothing to Buy

Newborns will primarily wear onesies. This can be short sleeve or long sleeve depending on the climate. You’ll want to buy a fair amount, as babies often need to change their clothes three or more times a day.

Buy multi-packs of onesies, having at least 10 of each size on hand, if not more. Having a few pairs of shorts and pants is a good idea as well.

Buy a pack of socks to keep those little tootsies warm. And a pair of mittens doesn’t hurt, in case you need to bring your baby out in the cold.

Get a couple of sleepers for bedtime. A zipper is much easier to work with than buttons.

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To treat your baby right, be sure to buy organic cotton clothing when possible. It’s ultrasoft and will be very comfortable for your baby. Hanna Andersson has a wonderful and adorable selection of baby clothes, from bodysuits to sleepers, and everything in between.


Even if you plan to breastfeed, you’re going to want to have a stash of bottles on hand. Pumping milk, storing it in the freezer, and using later on is extremely convenient. Especially when dad will be watching the baby while you’re busy.

Speaking of which, you’ll want a breast pump and milk bags as well to make storage easy. A nursing cloth will make it stress-free to nurse when out in public.


When your baby first comes home, many parents like to keep them nearby, since they need frequent feeding during the night. A bedside bassinet works well for babies during their first few months when they aren’t able to move around on their own.

If you anticipate traveling with your newborn, consider a portable bassinet. That way, they can sleep in the same bed at home, a hotel, and anywhere else they visit, providing consistency.

Once your baby can move around on their own, you’ll need to have them sleep in a full-sized crib to keep them safe.

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Many parents swear by using a sound machine to lull their babies off to sleep. The only downside is that once you start using a sound machine, you won’t be able to stop. It’s a commitment that lasts as long as childhood.

You’ll also want a baby monitor, you that you know when baby is awake or crying when they are in another room.


You can’t bring your baby home without a car seat. Choose a car seat that can last for their first few years, with adjustable sizing belts.

You can also get a car seat and stroller combo, which is a quick-release car seat that can be placed into a stroller, so you don’t have to remove your baby from the seat while they are sleeping.

Getting a car seat cover will give your baby some privacy and darkness so that they can fall asleep when out and about. This also helps to block cold wind and bright sunshine when outside.

A baby carrier that you can wear on your chest or back can make it easy to move around and do chores while carrying your baby hands-free.

Baby Accessories

There are countless baby products you can spend your money on. Many of the mare helpful, many of them aren’t that important.

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Prioritize the things that really matter. These can be earphones for your baby if you frequent loud places.

Pacifiers are also a must. Though there are some children that show no interest in them. Don’t force it, as it’s just another habit you’ll have to break later on.

A playmat will give your baby things to look at and touch while they are laying on the floor. Mobiles will do the same when lying in their crib.

Cross the Newborn Checklist Off as Early as You Can

Hopefully, this newborn checklist gives you what you need to start shopping and filling up the home nursery with everything you need. Bringing home a baby is a crazy moment in any parent’s life.

So planning ahead and having everything you need ahead of time will make it much easier. And don’t worry, the second child is way easier.

Looking for more family tips like this? Head over to our blog to find other helpful articles today.

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