November 27, 2021

Many people try to be frugal and spend less, so they carefully track their income and expenses. This is true in many situations, at home, at work, and even while traveling. For example, let’s say you’re on a road trip to the UK and want to pick up a 9 seater minibus hire Manchester at the best price. You browse through many car hire websites and compare prices to find the cheapest deal and thus save you money. Unfortunately, even if you do manage to save money on your trip, it may not be enough to save your budget. This is because you need to plan for expenses all the time and avoid unnecessary spending. But how can you do that?

Your smartphone will help you with this – the main thing is to install the correct applications on it. Personal finance apps make it possible to track all your income and expenses and plan your budget. Here are some of the most popular services…

Money Lover

Money Lover is a multi-platform application for personal budget control. It allows you to track all the movement of funds, while charts with graphs will help you see what exactly you are spending money on. Such visualization will help you plan your entire budget more accurately.

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Are you afraid you will exceed the planned costs? Set a limit, and the application will warn you when you are close to it. In the free version, you need to enter all the data on spending manually. Also, you can connect up to 5 devices to one account. In the premium version, you can connect an unlimited number of devices and your bank cards so that the application automatically transfers data on income and expenses. Also, Money Lover makes it possible to maintain an unlimited number of wallets and export data to Excel.

Money Manager

The main feature of this application is receipt recognition. You don’t need to enter data manually, just take a photo of the receipt. The application will analyze and determine the appropriate category of expenses.

In the main window, you see the main tabs sorted by periods. At the same time, in the transaction tab, you see the account, type, amount, category of expenses, and other manually entered information. Pie charts and custom charts make budget monitoring a breeze.

The application also manages bank cards, plans the budget for individual categories, and uses a double-entry accounting system. Do you use multiple currencies at once? You don’t have to constantly convert them – just write them as they are, and the app will do all the work for you.

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Alzex Finance

This application allows you to plan your budget in all details. Alzex is perfect for the individual user, as well as for families, and even small businesses. The program supports all currencies of the world, most of the popular cryptocurrencies, and precious metals. Constant updating of the exchange rate makes it possible to plan everything down to the penny.

Add an unlimited number of accounts: cards, deposits, cash, crypto wallets, etc. All transactions are divided into categories, contractors, and projects. Assign tags to each transaction – this will help you see the whole picture of incomes/expenses.

You can create recurring payments, so you never forget about paying utility bills. Also, Alzex Finance supports bank SMS parsing. When this setting is enabled, the app automatically recognizes messages from the bank. You don’t need to enter all the data – the application will do it for you. You should only indicate the expense category.

Debit & Credit

Don’t be afraid of such a complicated name, because, in fact, everything is very simple. The application preaches the idea of ​​minimalism, so there are practically no complex graphics, and the entire menu consists of text lists. However, this simple application allows you to fine-tune budgets, monitor the movement of funds, record expenses, create invoices with accounting categories, and much more.

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Debit & Credit pays special attention to reporting. The application displays the most detailed information about what and how much you spend money on. Also, it can predict the future financial condition by analyzing your past and future transactions.


It’s a multi-platform application that allows you to keep records on several devices at once. It will automatically sync data when you change any parameters. The application helps you not only to keep track of expenses and income, but form goals and plan a budget for the coming months.

You can create several wallets and display the movement of funds for each of them. Easyfinance works well with debt obligations, which makes it easy to set up reminders to make the next payment. It also gives you hints about your financial condition so you can calculate your budget. All movements of funds on accounts are displayed in the form of charts, tables that you can export in any convenient format.

Smart Finance

Smart Finance is an extremely convenient tool not only for keeping track of your budget. It’s also great for financial planning. Smart Finance makes it possible to:

  • analyze expenses and incomes in the context of any period – you can see how the structure of your budget has changed in convenient charts and graphs;
  • draw up a financial plan based on average monthly income and expenses;
  • determine how much money you can save for investments or major purchases without compromising living standards;
  • plan early repayment of obligations;
  • remind you of mandatory payments.
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Also, the application will remind you if you have exceeded the recommended amount of expenses. The program is highly secure. It stores data not only on a smartphone but sends it to the cloud. Also, you can protect Smart Finance with a pin code or set up fingerprint identification.

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