November 1, 2021
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Youtube is easily the biggest and the most popular online streaming platform today. However, there are so many popular Youtube downloader for free online today.

Youtube has quite a lot of importance to the modern world today. It can serve either as a reference to some assignments/research or documentary, or it can serve as a form of entertainment to some people. Youtube is probably the biggest online video streaming platform on the internet.

Over the past years, Youtube streamers had a common problem, and that was being unable to directly download a video from Youtube to their device. However, today a good number of software and apps have been designed specifically for this purpose. Youtube streamers now have a better option of choosing which app is suitable for them to use.

Some of these apps have been designed in a way that only the premium (paid) version will give the user a one hundred percent control over the app and its features which could be quite a problem to many who are unable to afford its premium version. Therefore, this article has selected some of the best and popular Youtube downloader for free that you can choose from.

Free Youtube downloader

This is a carefully compiled list of the top popular Youtube downloader for free in the market today.

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1.   Btclod

Are you wondering why Btclod is on the top of the list? Well, here’s why; Btclod has been listed as one of the best free software to download your videos from Youtube. Its friendly user interface has made it so easy for Youtube streamers to navigate easily through the app. You can download your videos from Youtube without compromising the quality, and it is absolutely free of charge. Amazing isn’t it?.

You can also download audio files from Youtube using this software. This has made life easy for online Youtube streamers. Lest I forget, it is 100% done online, and requires no download, installation or payments.

2.   Mp3dl

Mp3dl has almost the same feature with the software above. It has a user-friendly interface for easy navigation, free to use and requires no hassles. Simply paste the URL of your favorite video and click “start” to get your video downloaded. This process is usually fast and takes just a short time to complete download. The video quality remains the same after download and that is one of the best parts of this software.

3.   Snapdownloader

This downloader has been listed as the best of its kind. It has quite a good number of features which makes the downloading process even more interesting and easy to download your favorite video. Let us take a look at some of the features of this software below;

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Snapdownloader features;

  • Supports downloads from Facebook, Instagram,Twitter, Tiktok, Vimeo, and over 900 websites.
  • It comes with an inbuilt search option for Youtube.
  • Supports downloads in bulk. Up to 100 video links can be pasted and downloaded at once.
  • It downloads at a fast speed.
  • Supports converting of videos to other formats such as AVI, MP3, MP4, WAV, AAC.
  • Supports downloads of videos from more than one website at a go.

4.   Winx Youtube Downloader

With winx Youtube downloader, you can quickly download your favorite video from Youtube. It has a simple interface and navigation through the software is easy. The download process is fast and the quality of the video remains the same as it was before download. All that is required for your video to be downloaded successfully is the “URL” of the video.

However, you can select the video quality you want to download. The option for this pops up just before the download commences. The selected video quality will determine the size of the video before it is downloaded. Click the “download” option after you are set and good to download and your file will be downloaded in just a few minutes, depending on the video quality and size.

Winx Youtube downloader features;

  • Supports 4K video
  • It supports multiple video downloads at the same time
  • Over 25 video website are supported
  • Does not support 360 degree videos.
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5.   Free Youtube Download

This is one of the favorite youtube download apps Youtube streamers use. It is absolutely free, easy to use, and downloads your video in your desired quality. It is one of the top popular Youtube download apps that requires just the video URL link to get your favorite video downloaded.

It is an online free app and does not require download and other installations before you can use this amazing app.

Free Youtube Download Features;

  • Automatically shuts the computer down after downloading.
  • Has auto-download option
  • Videos are downloaded in badges.

The only con of this app is that it only supports downloads of Youtube videos that are not more than three minutes.

6.   Youtube Go

This is one of the top popular and free Youtube videos you can find today. It is an amazing app that comes with lots of great features and does not compromise the quality of the video after it has been downloaded. It is among the top choices of Youtube streamers and has its own great benefits.

Youtube Go Pros;

  • You can legally download videos from Youtube free of charge
  • Does not require subscription
  • High-quality videos can be shared offline (no internet connection)
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Youtube Go Cons;

  • Facebook, Twitter and Instagram video download is not supported.


There are quite a good number of free Youtube downloader apps but these will give you just what you want. If you want to download your favorite video on your computer, any of the aforementioned apps will be a nice option for you to try. These days, getting the original quality of Youtube videos after downloading it is almost a norm.

Almost every Youtube app available online will either reduce the original quality of the video after downloading it, or will require payments (weekly, monthly, or yearly subscription). Therefore, if you have been looking up the best free youtube downloader app, search no more, simply select one of these apps listed above and try it out.

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