August 20, 2021
professional psychiatric intervention for schizophrenia in chicago illinois 20900 - Professional Psychiatric Intervention for Schizophrenia in Chicago, Illinois

Schizophrenia is a brain condition affecting about two percent of the American population. For immediate and long-term relief, one should book an appointment with a professional psychiatrist. If you need a board-certified psychiatrist in Chicago, IL, visit Uptown Psych for a fully personalized treatment plan. Identifying symptoms of schizophrenia at early stages facilitates the delivery of long-term and highly effective results.

Symptoms of Schizophrenia

Schizophrenia refers to a chronic brain complication affecting your behavior, cognitive ability, and emotions. Symptoms may vary from one patient to the next. It involves struggling to cope and function with everyday life as you battle:

·       Abnormal motor behavior (excessive, odd posture, or wasted movement)

·       Disorganized speech (from disorganized thoughts)

·       Hallucinations (hearing or seeing things that don’t exist)

·       Delusions (beliefs that are far from reality)

Schizophrenia is quite hard to recognize in teenagers and young children. Young people with schizophrenia may report symptoms like:

  • Difficulty sleeping
  • Depression or irritability
  • Tendency to withdraw from friends and family
  • Lack of motivation manifested by a constant drop in school performance

With the right treatment, the unpleasant symptoms fade away in due time.

Causes of Schizophrenia

Despite the fact that the exact causes of schizophrenia are unknown, recent research points to genetics, brain chemistry, and environmental factors make you more vulnerable. Neuroimaging shows that a schizophrenic’s brain and central nervous system has a different makeup from that of patients without the brain condition.

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Major risk factors associated with schizophrenia include:

Heavy intake of psychoactive and psychotropic drugs in the youth years

Inflammation or autoimmune conditions affecting the immune system

Family history of schizophrenia

Treatment for Schizophrenia

If left unattended, schizophrenia may get out of hand and generate side effects like suicide, depression, social isolation, and substance abuse.

Until recently, schizophrenia was ruled out as an incurable disease. Latest advances in research are creating an opportunity for the development of safer treatments for schizophrenia.

At Uptown Psych, your treatment involves certified medication. Uptown Psych believes that long-term management of schizophrenia should entail close monitoring, consistent medication, counseling, and inclusion of the patient through the journey towards recovery.

A fully personalized approach to each case of schizophrenia eases your symptoms and helps you lead a healthy and normal life. For the best experience, you should trust your psychiatrist and participate in the development of a long-term relationship best for your journey to recovery.

Other Conditions Treated at Uptown Psych

Other than schizophrenia, you may visit Uptown Psych for the treatment and management of:


                Attention deficit disorder


                Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD)

                Anger management


                Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)



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                Bipolar disorder

                Cognitive-behavioral therapy


                Sleep problems

                Eating disorder

                Substance abuse


                Major depressive disorder

Bottom Line

For holistic wellbeing, Uptown Psych grants you an opportunity to book an appointment with a psychologist, psychiatrist, and therapist to address the root cause of your schizophrenia. You can book an appointment via phone or online and make regular follow-ups through telemedicine.

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