September 10, 2021
jeg empty 8 - Pyjamas: Styling & Benefits

The Covid-19 lockdown situation has had a significant setback on every industry, the fashion industry included. But the need to adapt, survive and thrive had its own set of surprises. From online classes to working from home, if there’s one piece of clothing that has been most worn worldwide for the past year and a half, it’s the most comfortable pyjamas.

For a few years, the world has seen celebrities design this loungewear in several ways, whether it’s for a shoot or simply a walk outside to grab a coffee. One highlighted fact would be how different age groups and genders wear PJs.

A few of the simple ways to design a PJ based look include:

  • Coordination sets:

An entire pyjama look with heeled shoes or converse, a sling bag, and sunglasses will make the best outfit for an early morning coffee or brunch date.

  • Classic Tie-dye:

This style has gained popularity during the lockdown. An oversized tie-dye top with shorts or tie-dye sweats with a crop top makes an effortless gear for some chill hangout time with your pals.

  • Stunning Satin:

Any satin pyjama look has a touch of sophistication to it. One can easily style it into a chic look. A satin PJ top/shirt paired with carrot-leg/wide-leg/baggy jeans and fancy heels gives you that beautiful yet straightforward overall look. Also, one can pair satin shorts with a hoodie/polo shirt, shoes, and a hobo bag that gives off comfy yet luxe vibes.

  • Oversized Everything:
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Other famous lockdown outfits are oversized tees and shirts.

If you’re stepping outside to grab some groceries or finish off some chores, a cute crop top, jeans, and an oversized shirt will serve the purpose.

Oversized standard and graphic tees paired with tights, shorts, or sweatpants are a go-to look if you’re visiting a friend’s place or need to visit the ATM or a family movie night!

  • Slip Dress:

If you’re getting ready for a date night/office meeting and have no interest in getting all decked up, you can opt for the gorgeous slip dress look. An everyday nightwear slip dress with an overcoat and some lipstick will do the trick. It’s elegant yet super cute.

Countries worldwide have seen how a lounge/sleepwear outfit has transformed from cute and comfortable go-to outfits for simple chores to a formal meeting scenario. If anything, the demand for pyjamas-based looks has just expanded.

The benefits of wearing pyjamas are not entirely spoken about. However, these play a vital role in preserving a healthy lifestyle while improving sleep quality. In some cases, changing a few habits to remain healthy is crucial, and in others, wearing the fitting pyjamas!

A few ways in which PJs can improve your sleep cycle are:

  • Protecting the body from cold:
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Some countries like Australia face extreme temperatures in the winter season. Apparels like pyjamas cover your legs entirely, keeping you warm throughout the night. This piece of clothing has proved to be more effective than adding blankets.

  • Barring illnesses:

The chances of catching a cold or the flu during the winter months are less likely if you’re wearing your PJs. Exposure to a chill room when asleep because you knocked off your blanket is enough to cause a cold. This can lead to the flu or fever and keep you unwell for days. With the current covid-19 situation, it’s better to avoid such infections.

  • Improves Health and Hygiene:

Good sleep equals sufficient energy to stay active throughout the day. Comfortable clothing helps give a good rest to the body and mind. Our skin sheds dead cells and restores itself. These dead cells contain microorganisms that can multiply vastly. Initially, this may not be harmful, but it can cause skin infections, cystitis, etc. Wearing tight clothes at night or unwashed pyjamas can increase the intensity of skin irritation or infection. Wash the pyjamas regularly to maintain hygiene.

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