January 10, 2022

9mm carbine ammunition has been used since the days of the Wild West, particularly as it was very common to carry both a pistol and rifle that both used an identical cartridge. While we may be living in a much different time now, the same advantages still apply.


Known as Pistol Caliber Carbine rounds or PCC, they’re nice and cheap to shoot, meaning that it’s possible to go and get lots of practice down at the range or in the backyard. Another reason they’re popular for both home and self defense is that they don’t over-penetrate, potentially hitting items and people that you didn’t intend to.


Also, the magazine compatibility makes it super easy to switch between your rifle and handgun, also preventing the need to buy different rounds for each type. 9mm carbine rounds offer reduced recoil, making the handling of your weapon easy and accurate.


Carbines Make Better Defensive Weapons


Anyone who’s ever been unlucky enough to need to defend themself will understand in that moment that a carbine is a much better weapon to have in your hands than a pistol. When stressed, aiming with a pistol can be really tough, whereas carbines make it much easier.


Even during World War Two, they knew that the vast majority of people couldn’t hit most things with a pistol, but were much better with a carbine. The versatility of this kind of round really is a bonus.

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What Are the Drawbacks of PCC Rounds?


As there’s no such thing as a perfect product, there had to be some drawbacks, right? Well, when it comes to 9mm carbine ammunition, that drawback is a limitation when it comes to range. However, when you’re talking about home or personal defense, that’s not really an issue.


In the overwhelming majority of cases, you’re not going to be shooting over 100 yards with carbine rounds, so it’s not going to be a consideration. When you look at the statistics relating to defensive shootings, you see that over half occur over a distance of 10 feet and under.


If the person you’re engaged with is more than 20-30 yards away, you’re more likely to find an opportunity to take cover. Stopping power is also something of a disadvantage when using carbine 9mm rounds, however, if you train for better shot placement, that again stops being an issue.


The Verdict? 9mm Carbine Is a Great Defensive Choice


When it comes down to brass tacks, carbine 9mm rounds are a great choice for defense whether in a concealed carry or home defense use case. Offering a great blend of reduced penetration and adequate stopping power, combined with an ability to use them in multiple firearms, you could do a lot worse than invest in a box or two.

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The cost aspect is important for many too and carbine rounds are nice and cheap, so you get something that ticks every box. Being able to blast away down the range allows you to hone your skills, negating any of the minor accuracy drawbacks that occur when using a pistol. What you use, however, is your prerogative.

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