September 4, 2021
jeg empty 6 - Shoes for Men That Never Go Out of Style

Are you looking to invest in shoes that you can wear, clean, then wear all over again? Do you justify purchasing shes with a higher price point if they’ll stand the test of time? If so, then you need to learn all that you can about the shoes for men that never go out of style.

Believe it or not, they’re out there! Certain shoe brands and styles have created such a strong following that they’ll never go out of business. More importantly, they’ll stay in style!

See below for an in-depth guide on the tried-and-true men’s shoes that will never go out of style.

1. Adidas Ultraboosts

The shoe game was changed when the first pair of Adidas Ultraboosts arrived on the scene in February 2015. It mixes a man’s need for a stylish and sporty shoe design while incorporating some of the best shoe technology on the market for stability and support.

Since then, the Ultraboosts have become one of the highest-selling shoes within any 1-year period. Regardless of what model you invest in, you can enjoy a comfortable fit with so much cushion that you will feel as if you’re walking on a cloud.

The Ultraboost brand is so strong that even cult-followers of Nike have made the jump to buying Adidas shoes. Now that’s power. 

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The best part? Adidas Ultraboosts are multi-functional shoes. Their minimal colorways will match virtually any outfit that you throw together. Their design makes them great shoes for streetwear, going to the gym, going on a run, and so much more. 

Not to mention that Adidas has done some amazing collaborations in recent years. For example, they once collaborated with Parley for the Oceans to create an Ultraboost shoe made entirely of recycled ocean plastic.

Keep your eyes out for pairs and collaborations that you’re interested in, then grab them if they’re available; they don’t stay on the shelves for long!

2. Chuck Taylors

Would this really be an article about timeless men’s shoes if we forgot about Chuck Taylors? These are the epitome of what it means to never go out of style.

There were a few years where Converse became a bit of a one-trick pony with their Chuck Taylor shoes. That has since changed since they were purchased by Nike. In fact, Converse filed for bankruptcy two years later. Without Nike, Chuck Taylors might not even exist anymore. We salute you, Swoosh!

The magic of Chuck Taylors might never be replicated again. They go great with jeans, sweatpants, shorts, golf shorts, leggings, etc. They can be used as a “hit the town” kind of shoe when you’re hanging out with friends, but also nice enough to wear to casual Friday at work.

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They’ve also developed a niche as a tremendous shoe for lifting. Powerlifters are partial to the high-tops, as they provide a flat sole and ankle support. The flat sole allows them to stay more connected to the floor, thus reducing the risk of injury.

What’s even better is that you can purchase different colors of the same shoe! Chucks come in so many different styles and colors.

3. Air Jordans

Everybody wants to be “like Mike”. Even Lebron James, one of the most accomplished and talented NBA players, has expressed his undying allegiance to Michael Jordan.

That kind of fandom has allowed the Jordan brand to grow out from the shadow of Nike and into a stratosphere of its very own. Leading the way are the Air Jordan shoes, which will never go out of style. 

There are currently a total of 35 Air Jordan shoe seasons out there in the marketplace. That said, even the most diehard fans have their favorites.

Most Air Jordan fanatics will tell you they’re partial to models such as the Air Jordan 1, Air Jordan 3, Air Jordan 9, Air Jordan 10, etc. Be sure to visit this article to find out more about what makes Air Jordan 9s so special.

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4. Vans

Everyone loves dipping into the Cali lifestyle with their fashion from time to time. Vans are a perfect example of this. These skateboarding shoes have become a must-have for any fashionable streetwear customer.

Much like Chuck Taylors, Vans come in so many different shapes, styles, and designs. You have the authentic “True White” model, but then you also have the infamous low-top black vans with the patented ComfyCush sole.

If you don’t currently have a pair, start with the standard low black and low white pairs. Then, start shopping around for different designs and colors you can add to the collection. They’ll never go out of style, so you might as well stock up!

5. Timberland Boots

Shoe fanatics are all about the previous four shoe brands mentioned on this list. However, once it starts to get cold and snow starts falling, there’s only one stylish brand they trust: Timberland boots.

Timberlands are the pinnacle of stylish boots. Their staple pair of boots lovingly referred to as the “Timberland Basics” are used across all platforms. They’re worn by rock stars, hip hop artists, skateboarders, models, athletes, etc.

Invest in one pair and be set for years to come. They hold up extremely well and are a winter staple year after year.

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Shop for These Timeless Shoes for Men Today

Now that you have seen an in-depth guide on shoes for men that will never go out of style, be sure to use all of this information to your advantage.

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