November 27, 2021

Chatbots are everywhere. They help you choose a smartphone in an online store, respond to messages on social networks, and even provide technical support.

Yes, the work they do is hard to overestimate. For example, let’s say you’re going on a trip to Denver and don’t know how old do you have to be to rent a car in Colorado. The chatbot available on almost any car rental website is ready to help you! It will tell you about the minimum age to rent a car and give you helpful car rental advice. This means almost any business that has its own website or application needs a chatbot. Moreover, it’s easy to create it.

If earlier you needed programming skills, today it’s enough to have Internet and special service. So, we have collected 6 chatbot builders that allow you to create your own text robot using the mouse and thoughtful dialogue scripts!

Flow XO

Cost: basic features – free, for more precise settings – from $19 per month

Supported platforms: Facebook Messenger, Slack, SMS, website integration

The main task of this bot is to collect as much data as possible in order to transfer it to the user later. This is a fairly simple chatbot that asks for contact information and enters it into the database.

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If you spend more time setting it up, you can teach it to recognize individual questions and give pre-prepared answers to them. In addition, the bot can send pictures and videos, request the necessary information, and ask clarifying questions.


Cost: up to 1,000 responses for free, then – $15 per month

Supported platforms: the main one is Facebook Messenger, but you can set up integration with other services as well

It’s a simple and fast chatbot builder. Chatfuel automatically links to your profile and the pages you host. The whole setup comes down to explaining to the bot how to respond to messages and what to do in different cases. It can send and receive images, links, give quick answers and save the history of all chats.

The service even allows you to configure something like artificial intelligence. That is, the chatbot will know how to respond to specific phrases or words in the message. For example, if the question “How much does it cost …” pops up in the dialogue, then the bot can respond with a link to the price list or name a specific cost.


Cost: from $50 to $300 per month, free trial period – 30 days

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Supported platforms: Facebook Messenger, Slack, website integration

It’s one of the easiest-to-use constructors available today. In order to log in, you just need an e-mail, and right after the start, you can choose several areas of application of the chatbot. If something went wrong, you can always go back a few steps and fix anything. However, Botsify is so simple that you are unlikely to get it wrong.

The principle of the bot’s behavior is giving typical answers to standard questions. Unfortunately, it can’t do more. But if you correctly think over the scenarios and write down the most frequent phrases, then the chatbot may well tell you about how to get to your office, how much the services cost, and what phone number you can call the support service.

SAP Conversational AI

Cost: Free, but you need to pay for some business features

Supported platforms: almost all available

Developers of SAP Conversational AI have relied on machine learning, fine-tuning, and scripting flexibility. They understand different tasks require different bots, so at the start, they offer to choose a use case and make a few basic settings that simplify the first launch.

After that, you can start full-fledged teaching and fine-tuning. The whole system consists of a scheme of skills and connections between them. You can create as many of them as you like, write any properties, events, and conditions inside.

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Plus, there’s a programming mode for those who don’t have enough diagrams to set up a chatbot. Here you can code everything in any of the four languages ​​and immediately check it in action. Not as clear as the diagrams, but you have complete control over what is happening.

Microsoft Azure

Cost: Free. You can also create a premium bot for $13 per month

Supported platforms: all platforms

We have included this service in the selection in order to show that chatbots are not just toys for online stores. Microsoft offers its service to anyone who wants to create a truly smart chatbot. Inside Azure, there’s the same engine that Microsoft used to create the voice assistant Cortana.

It doesn’t have simple step-by-step instructions and templates, but you can use real text and speech recognition, fuzzy logic, and self-learning neural networks. Of course, you hardly need that kind of AI power for Facebook responses. However, you can create a great mate for your business website.


Cost: from $240 per month, free trial period – 30 days

Supported platforms: Zendesk, Salesforce, Zapier, Live, website integration.

Aivo is considered to be one of the best chatbot platforms because it’s based on artificial intelligence. It provides real-time support for your customers and is ready to respond to them by using text or voice. As a result, it will turn out to increase conversion, and improve your resources.

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Aivo adapts according to channel rules and automatically reacts to find a personalized experience for your customers. 

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