September 1, 2021

Window displays are popular with retail stores because it represents an affordable way of advertising. However, the difference between window graphic clings and decals is often missed by most people. Accordingly, they fail to understand their applications, advantages, and drawbacks. Some of the most commonly asked questions are now answered for a better understanding of the subject.

What are Window Graphic Clings?

Made from a plastic film that can be die-cut into custom shapes, graphic clings for windows can be printed in myriad colors. However, unlike vinyl stickers, clings do not employ an adhesive. Instead, they use static electricity to adhere to the surface. The plastic film tends to naturally get attracted to glass surfaces because of the imbalance of electrons. Tear and scratch-resistant clings came with a backing that needs to be removed before applying them.

What are the Advantages of Using Clings?

One of the main advantages of using clings is that there are no messy adhesives to worry about when applying or removing them. Cling films are also ridiculously easy to fix, adjust, and remove. It means that you no longer have to worry about being embarrassed about improperly aligned window displays. With the film being easily removable, you can very quickly change the visuals in line with the focus of your marketing campaign. The easy fixing and removing also make window clings ideal for use as temporary signage. You also do not need to hire a professional to fix or remove the films as the process is easy, and you can do it by yourself without any special skills or tools. What’s more, clings can be made to order in any size, shape, and color, and since the material is durable, you can reuse them repeatedly.

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Where Do Cling Films Perform the Best?

Because clings depend on static electricity, not adhesive for sticking to the glass surface, they are best used indoors. If you fix them on the outside, they will become dislodged due to wind, dust, and moisture. Store owners can get the best performance out of the clings if they are fixed inside the store, which has a controlled climate. If you need a graphic display on the exterior, self-adhesive vinyl is recommended as it can take the elements in their stride without any degradation in performance. According to Good Housekeeping, glass windows are best cleaned with a mixture of water, white vinegar, and rubbing alcohol.

How Long Do Cling Displays Last?

If you fix them inside the store and leave it undisturbed, a cling display can last for many months, even up to a couple of years before needing to be re-fixed. However, it is in a high traffic area, and people frequently touch it, it will work loose very quickly, and such use is best avoided in favor of vinyl stickers.
Cling displays are ideal for interior use where you do not want the hassle of dealing with adhesives. When used in a controlled environment, they can last long, while their easy application and removability mean that you can use and replace them at will.

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